Annapurna Sanctuary - October 2011

Hi,  Is anybody booked on the above trip?  I am interested in what training you are doing for the trip,  any views on vaccinations,  visa, packing or equipment tips?


Hi - i am doing the same trip, but different dates.  Have only done one trek before (Inca Trail) - what I learned? Get as fit as possible so you enjoy it, and pack LIGHT! (At which I am still useless lol).  Walking poles were a must have for Inca, will definitely be taking mine to Nepal.  Merino wool base layers too - light, comfortable, don't smell - definitely worth the extra £££s. Inca stated you had to take water bottles which I did - but many had Camelbak hydration packs which were much better/more convenient.  Happy to share ideas!



Thank for the reply Kerry.  I have been doing a few walks up Pen y Fan and surrounding hills, but fear I have not done as many walks as I should have by now.  I will get some good base layers and a hydration pack. The merino wool is not itchy then?  I ain't any good at packing light either, how many items of trousers, shorts and t shirts you plan to take this trip?  Did you have time / energy to do much washing of clothes on the Inca trail?   Mike  

Been to Nepal many times and did the sanctuary a couple of years ago.

Meds/Vaccinations.  Make sure your polio and tetanus are up to date.  Unless you are going to Chitwan you will not need anti-malarials.

Poles, take them if you have them but not essential.

Hydration packs.  Probably OK for Sanctuary as not very high, but elsewhere the mouth tubes can freeze up so I prefer bottles

Enjoy your trip.  I will be in the Khumbu in October..



Thanks for the advice Tony and Kerry.  Do you get your visa on arrival in Katmandhu or at the embassy in London before departure?


Evening all--I'm booked to go on the Saturday 22 October departure. This is my first ever trek, so I'm determined to get fit(ter) for it. As I'm a fairly fit 61 years, I chose this trek as in theory the grade hopefully won't be too strenuous. I've just been given for Father's Day the Cicerone guide to trekking around Annapurna & it makes for interesting reading. 

I'm going to start my training at work this week now that I'm back from holiday--there are 130 steps in my office so a few up & downs per day should help as it did some years ago prior to a climbing trip in the French Alps. I might go to a gym to use walking machines/steppers etc. The guidebook does suggest that there are quite a lot of steps in places, so anything to build up strength & stamina there must help (I hope!)

I intend borrowing my son's down jacket if there's room in the Exodus kitbag & I'm going to buy some good quality walking trousers--the Mammoth Base Jump trousers have ben recommended to me.

The question of the visa has been mentioned-the trip notes seem to recommend getting it in Kat. but I'm not sure personally which is the better option.

 Must knock off now as it's getting late--I suspect I'll be returning to this forum!  JohnLB 


I am also booked on the Annapurna Sanctuary trip departing the same day as you Kerry and am also travelling alone! Are you on the group flights?  I am very excited to be going to Nepal!

I have done a lot of trekking before, I think the main thing that is different is the altitiude. I have done the Inca trail and remember that you sometimes have a mild headache and feel more fatigued. But I think we acclimatise gradually so hopefully it will be fine on this trip too. But for those who have not been to altitude think you can't say how you will feel until you are there but from my experience of the Inca trail the porters are excellent and help anyone struggling by helping carry extra if need be. With the sanctuary although we go high I don't beleive it is like everest base camp or kili where you go really high ie > 5,000metres so effects should be less.

I think there are lots of steps so I would say poles are essential on the trip and I may take some knee supports just in case!

I wasn't sure what to do about my visa yet either as the trip notes say you can get it in advance or on arrival? What do others think?

I think the treks are more enjoyable the fitter you are. I have been doing lots of training ie walking up hills,swimming and using the stepper at the gym.

I agree about packing wisely-I have merino baselayers and am going to borrow a down jacket from a friend who as been to Nepal. I also have a platypus and think it is a good idea to have some of those tablets that flavour the water, not sure how they sterilise it in Nepal so ?? may need water purification but will check the trip notes again.

I was a bit worried in the past to go to Nepal when the country was unstable but I think it is fine now as I checked the foreign office webiste before booking, although I guess you can never say for sure and just hope for the best!

Yes should be an epic adventure and fabulous scenery.

look forward to chatting again soon,

Kerry which part of the world do you live in?  





Hi Kerry & Sarmon--what departure date are you on?  I couldn't tell from the above posts-mine is 22 October.

I could spend a fortune on new kit if I wanted to. Manmmut trousers, a new day sac, Superfeet footbeds which have been recommended & so on, not to mention a new zoom for my camera!

Best wishes,



Correction--mine is the Friday 21st October departure out of Heathrow.


I am on the 7th October trip out of Heathrow. I think this is the same as Kerry's.

I know what you mean re equipment!

Luckily I have some light weight Leki poles already which are great for walking up and down steops-apparently there are lots of them!


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