Anti-malaria medication

I am trying to decide if I need to take anti-malarial medication on the Northern Highlights tour departing on 3rd/4th October. I had decided that I would and then when I investigated further, the area visited on the tour says no malaria or very low risk and medication not necessary - has anyone decided not to take them?


I am going on this trip in November. When I went to update my other injections, the nurse advised me that anti-malarials weren't necessary, because the trip doesn't go to high risk areas.

 You can google maps of India with malaria risks and compare to the area visited by the trip - Sounds like you may have already done this.

 I was also advised that not getting bitten was the only way to avoid Dengue fever, so I am planning to take insect repellent but no anti malarials.

 If anyone thinks this is not a good idea, I would like to hear.




B Cooper

I have been to the Doctor today to discuss any vaccinations etc required and as far as I was able to ascertain, we would not be going into the malaria area. I have some tablets left over from a previous trip so I will take them as a standby only.

Thank you for the helpful responses, the last time I took anti-malarial medication it made me unwell, so I am going with the covering myself in tropical strength insect repellent night and day and avoid being bitten rather than anti-malarials.



My doc prescribed malarone as optional and even though it can't guarantee full protection against malaria he suggested bringing it as it may be difficult to purchase if needed out there! It seems the best deterrent is to avoid getting bitten so lots of repellent, light coloured clothing, hat, long sleeves, and apparently beer attracts mosquitoes!


All suggestions seem sensible except for the one regarding beer; I will take a risk to have a beer with my curry and just put on more insect repellent!



I'm liking that risk assessment : )

Not on this trip (unfortunately) but for my holiday (Tigers in Focus) I pass though Madhya Pradesh and later on, I head over to Kolkata. The pharmacist at our local ASDA recommended Malaria tablets...£72 for 29 :(

Strange though, the print out he gave me said tablets were recommended for West Bengal, but went on to say Kolkata wasn't affected. I didn't notice this until after I got home, I don't think the chemist did either :(


Had my booster jabs on Monday, not long to go now.

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