anti malarials cycling nicaragua

Hi looking for advice on a couple if issues before booking cycling hoiday in Central America.

I wondered about taking anti malarials as the trip covers three countries of variable risk?

Also, if bike hired from the UK and included in the 23kgs weight limit, how much does the bike weigh and how much left for other items to go into luggage?




No idea about the malarials, but info. on taking a bike from the UK is here:

Your bike is part of your baggage allowance on the plane, details of which are shown on your flight ticket, and maximum weightsare usually between 20 and 25 kgs. A boxed bike weighs around16 kg, so you need to pack carefully. Put heavy items in yourhand baggage, wear your heavy/bulky jacket when you check in.

Hi Anne,

I would certainly recommend speaking to your doctor about which anti-malarials to take with you on the trip - the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica is a medium risk malarial area, and we generally advise that you take malaria tablets for at least this section of the trip. Your doctor will be able to advise on the correct drug to take here.

With regard to taking a bike from the UK, then the boxed bike will probably weigh in the region of 15-16kgs in total, so you would be within the permitted weight limit on Continental Airlines, although the dimensions of the bike box will almost certainly mean that you will still be charged a flat fee of $100 each way to take the bike. Continental allow two bags weighing up to 23kg each to be taken as their standard allowance, so you will also be able to take an additional bag with your clothing and other equipment. 

Full details of the baggage policy on group flights are available at If you are travelling on non-group flights, I would recommend checking the baggage policy for the airline you are travelling with, as the allowances can vary quite considerably. If you are concerned about the logistics or extra cost involved in taking a bike from the UK, I would really recommend using one of the local hire bikes instead - these are very well maintained before and during the trip, and have been chosen by our local partner for their durability and suitability for the terrain in Central America, plus you remove the hassle of having to take the bike through airports!

I hope you have a great trip to Central America - if you have any other questions before you travel several of our staff have been on this trip and will be more than happy to discuss it with you in more depth.

Many thanks,

Tim (Exodus trip manager)


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