Any fellow travellers for Kerala Adventure starting 14th August?

FIK Kerala Adventure - India Family Holiday - 14th Aug



I'm going on this trip with my 14 year old son Nathan. Our passports are at the Indian High Commission waiting for visas so feeling a bit anxious. Just remembered vaccines - bad mum!!



Hi Lilycat

That could be excellent.  Our 13 year old son, Adam will be with us.

I don't think you need to worry about the Visas; I found the India Commission to be most efficient and we got our Visa's OK within a week even though I had just guessed at a number of questions like references and sponsors.

Also it only takes a couple of days to get over the vaccinations so you are in good shape.

The BBC weather for Cochin shows continuous rain for the past few weeks - but drier inland a bit.

We live near Basingstoke.  Would you be interested in a meet before we go to get to break the ice? 



Only just got round to checking messages.

It would be lovely to meet but probably not possible. Nathan and I live partly in Northampton and partly near Royston. I am on call this weekend and have to be within half an hour of Royston and Nathan will be with his dad in Northampton.

We have just had our vaccinations and the visas came within a couple of days. You are very organised to check the weather, better find the waterproofs! I'm about to check the trip notes again to see what else I've forgotten.

 I'm Louise, that was not accepted as a screen name.  




Hi Louise

Yes, too late to meet.

I'm intrigued that you live partly in Nothampton and partly in Royston.  Does that mean that Nathan goes to school in Bedford?  Lots to talk about when we do meet; only four days now!

I don't think there is much more in the trip notes.  We've got some stuff for mosquitoes and some sterling travellers cheques but that's about it.

My name is Mike, Brenda is my wife and my email, for faster communication is: [email protected]

Look forward to seeing you on Sat.

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