Any fellow travellers out there?

This will be my first trip with Exodus and I'm very excited.  Would be good to meet fellow travellers online before we go.


I'm not on this trip Jo, but on the 25th Feb departure. However, I would be very interested to hear how you got on when you come back and any tips. I'm sure you will have a great time and meet some interesting people. You will soon become addicted...

Good luck!


I'm on this trip and really looking forward to it.  This is my 3rd trip with Exodus and they've all been great so far!  I'm not travelling on the group flight as could get better times/ connections from my regional airport- but will meet up with everyone on the first proper day in Amman.

Look forward to meeting you in Feb



Apologies for the intrusion but I have just come back from this trip (returned on Sunday) and had the most fantastic time. The group was superb and the food was incredible. Our guide, Khaled, was the kindest and most knowledgeable you could possibly home for and Jordanians are ridiculously friendly. I don't know what the weather will be like in Feb but it got chilly for us at night though the only night you need to worry about that is the Wadi Rum night camping. There are, however, tons of very warm blankets - I managed with a sleeping bag liner and one blanket and didn't take my sleeping bag. Hope you all have a fantastic time.



I'll be there too.  My first trip with Exodus and I will be satisfying a long-held ambition to visit Jordan and Egypt (I'm going on to Egypt on 12th - anyone else doing back-to-back trips?).  What great timing to receive the Exodus 2012 calendar - we'll be on the February rock arch on the Thursday or the Friday.

A good tip about a sleeping bag not being needed. Thanks. 

Diane and David - looking forward to meeting you in person, thanks for getting in touch here it's good to know that there are other solo travellers out there.  Would be good to meet others too!

Leena - thanks for tip about the sleeping bag liner, mine is already put aside!  Can I just ask which currency you took with you as well - dinars or US dollars?

Phil - will certainly let you know how we get on and I hope I do get addicted - there so much more of the world to see!



Hi there.  Another one putting his hand up for this trip.  First time with Exodus and first group trip.  Am really looking forward to it after reading all the stuff on the website.



Good to 'meet' some fellow-travellers. What a good idea this Departure Lounge is. I'm just getting the hang of it.  I notice not many are giving any biography details!  I've just put some info on, plus a photo in the pouring rain in NZ.  Any one else?

Nice to know there are some fellow solo travellers out there - looks like the trip is full as you can't book on it anymore.

David - not doing 'back to back' as I went to Egypt last year with Exodus -really enjoyed it, though be aware of lots of early starts (though sounds like this trip will involve alot of that too!) From what I hear its quite a good time to visit Egypt despite the troubles as not many tourists so the main sites will be quiet - a definate benefit!


Happy New Year to all on the 4th Feb Jordan trip.

Look forward to meeting everyone at Heathrow or Amman! 


Jo - apologies for the very late response. I was very disorganised so I took no JOD and just took GBP cash. Very easy to change and our guide (Khaled) helped point out places we could get money changed at a good rate too.

Thanks for the info Leena, much appreciated.


Hi Jo and everyone else on this departure.

Thanks for your promise of some feedback after you get home, Jo. I will be particularly interested to hear about the night in Wadi Rum. If there's a chance of sleeping out under the stars, I might take my sleeping bag. Otherwise, it sounds like this might not be necessary. Good tip about currency.

A few have responded to my post about the 25th Feb departure, which I am on, so I'm pleased to have already met some fellow travellers 'virtually'.

Hope you all have a great time!



You can sleep under the stars even if you don't take a sleeping bag as there are tons of blankets at the campsite. I took a sleeping bag liner and then used blankets.

Hi David, Diane & Ian - can't believe it's finally almost time to go - 2 days & counting.  Looking forward to finally meeting you all on Saturday.

 Phil - will definitely let you know how it goes.  I have my thermals at the ready for Wadi Rum, think I might need them having looked at the weather forecast(!) as I'm hoping they'll make up for the sleeping bag that I can't be bothered to take with me.  Though from what Leena says I think I'll be fine.


Got back yesterday & had an excellent time. Jordan is so fascinating & Petra was amazing - you will enjoy it so much.  Re camping in Wadi Rum - it was a great experience, food & company were great - we were very well looked after and a couple of people slept out - not too cold & lots of blankets (temp got down to 5 degrees first thing).  Unfortunately it was a little cloudy so there weren't loads of stars but we did manage a desert walk by moonlight.  It was an unforgettable experience & you will love it.

As Leena said, our guide Khaled, was extremely knowledgeable & friendly and couldn't do enough to make our trip as interesting and enjoyable as possible & the Jordanian people are extremely friendly (though not in a pushy/intrusive way). 

Enjoy every minute (I guarantee you will!).



Thanks Jo. I really appreciate you taking the time and trouble to provide some feedback! And so quickly...

I'm pleased you had a great trip, especially as it was your first with Exodus. It looks as if we have a different guide (Danni) and I hope he is as good as Khaled. I'm sure we will have a fabulous trip.

Thanks again and all the best for future adventures!



Just returned from trip to Egypt, following on from Jordan.  Met a bunch of Exodus returnees from the Jordan trip at Heathrow - all happy with their trip and delighted with theit guide, who sounds to have been up to Khaled's standard!


Thanks for your feedback, David, and to Leena who I forgot to thank in my previous message. All sounds good. I'm really looking forward to the trip, which is just a few days away now!


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