Any other leopard lovers going??

Hello, wondering if anyone on here is looking forward to Sri Lanka on 22/1 & like to get in touch?


Hello! I am going on 22/1. Really looking forward to this trip. It's my second trip with Paul.

Cool, good to hear from you.  Was beginning to think i was the only one!!  What other trips have you done?


I was in Kenya in September. We were very lucky and were in the middle of the migration. Are you - like me - a photo geek?

I do enjoy my photography yes, dont know about a photo geek, just a geek!!!

Am primarily going on this trip to spot leopards (excuse the pun)  but must admit am concerned it'll be full of 'proper' photographers with all the kit??   I only have a Canon 500D DSLR with just the two lenses. 

Lucky you being amidst the Migration.  Would love to see that one day, however did the Serengeti in January & was fantastic, especially ballooning over the animals.  One of the most amazing moments of my life.

Merry Christmas to you Gunner. 


Merry Christmas to you Mandy.

Don't think you should be concerned. It was not too bad in the Mara. Some people had quite serious equipment, but not like some other tours we saw. A few actually had rented lensesback home. One girl had rented the heaviest lens Canon produces...

Paul will be glad to hear about your trip to Serengeti. As long as you do not tell about your baloon trip... Maybe you have read about him and then you understand why. Otherwise you will soon find out.

I hope the bad weather will not come back in January. I am flying from Stockholm, but will join the group flight at Heathrow.

Hi Mandy

I am going on the previous departure of Whales and Leopards and like you I am concerned that I an going to look somewhat under equipped with my little compact camera. I have a good pair of binoculars though to spot those leopards! I wonder what Paul has got against balloons!


Mmmm, interesting why I should keep quiet about the fantastic balloon trip?!  Hope you have a wonderful time Jenny & leave some leopards for us!

Jenny & Gunner, are you taking Malaria medication?   Have read on the NHS website low-no risk.

Hi Gail

No we are not going to take malaria prophylaxis. I think as you say the risk is low. We'll try to avoid getting bitten. We'll try and leave you a leopard or two!



Hi! If the risk is so low I will probably skip malaria medication. I guess it is only in Yala NP there is some risk at all?


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