Any other paddlers . . . ?

anyone else booked on the Turkey Kayak trip ? Got my phone set on countdown already :o)

Have just booked - looks like it should be a great trip - really looking forward too it.


understand the trip is fully booked and the 14 day forecast is sun sun sun ! :)

hello guys, im very excited, this is my second exodus trip, what about you? and have you both got kayaking experience already? only 20 days to go woop woop  :-)

Hi Guys - this is my first exodus trip - but I done a few similar things. I am new to Kayaking but I have done a couple of 1 day training trips on rivers recently. I am off to Wales next week for a 2 day course this time on the sea so hopefully that will prepare me for this - should be a great trip be great to go somewhere with nice warm clear water.

 Look forward to meeting you soon!



i've been with exodus twice before and they have been great trips, i'm not going to admit to being any good otherwise people will just laugh when i capsize :)

wow that is preparation.thats good. i havnt had any sea kayaking experience, just been on lakes really. and not very recently but did enjoy it so im hoping i'll be okay. if not i will be capsizing alongside you lol. 

where did you go before with exodus. i did marrakesh and the sahara. it was my first solo trip and they were so organized etc and was such good fun im now officially hooked lol. 

how did the training go? weather is looking good for us, cnt wait to wake up to sunshine woop lol


sunny and 28 degrees - sounds horrible doesnt it ;)

my bag is out and waiting to be packed !


Actually started packing here! Neither of us has any recent kayaking experience, but we like a challange! Looking forward to some warm sun. See you all soon.

awesome that video has got me all excited lol woop woop. cant wait yep see you all soon 

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