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Is anybody else getting excited?

I've started counting down the days until we go, really looking forward to it.

Had a training weekend in the Brecons this weekend, hopefully it won't be that wet but at least it allowed me to check I won't be struggling too much on the trip.


OK, so I feel guilty. The Lakeland fells looked horrible yesterday. I stayed in and  waterproofed my boots instead!

I am on the Jet flight via Delhi. Really looking foward to the trip. My first serious trek for a while.Am determined to get my kit down to one Exodus travel bag this time.Resisting the temptation to hit the Keswick climbing shops.



Ok so I was soooo excited I didn't notice that I'd selected the wrong date (odd that you can do that though don't you think - would be good if it filtered the list by the month you're adding a post to), but trust me even if it was a year away I'd be excited.

Got the guide books out the library and checking up on all the places to see and comparing the trip notes with the notes in the guide books.

Got our new look kit bags from exodus yesterday - they've gone black, still might use my old blue one though.

We (Jon and I) are flying the Gulf Air route so we'll have to see you in Kathmandu (unless they depart from Heathrow at about the same time). Thanks for the link to the visa form, we;ve been assured it's quite a quick process so hopefully the queues won't be too bad.


Myself and my partner Bernd (42 and 40 years old respectively) will be joining you all on this trip, I can't believe we leave next Friday! We are flying Gulf Air via Heathrow so will be on the same flight as a couple of you guys.

We ran the Gower half marathon last weekend, I'm hoping the hills in that will help, and off to the Brecons this weekend to get some more miles in the legs. Where are you from Sandra, we live in Swansea!

 Looking forward to meeting you all next week :)


 p.s. how many of the Exodus bags do you normally take, we've been sent three each.....


Chris,I will hopefully  see you at the Jet desk with ONE BLACK Exodus  KIT BAG  (take note Sally).

I live 1 mile north of the now well known Workington (Calva) bridge, well above the flood level. Since the army have built  a wonderful new footbridge I am walking lots of easy miles. Not enough in the fells, though.


We're from the Cotswolds, not far from Burford.

We've also been sent a couple of black bags each, but I'm probably going to take my old trusty blue one, it's been on so many trips with me I can't imagine doing one without it.

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