Anybody else on this holiday

Anyone else booked on this trip only 9 weeks to wait.Dave

Anyone else booked on this trip only 9 weeks to wait.Dave

Anyone else booked on this trip only 9 weeks to wait.Dave

Yes we are going - myself and my wife Helen. We are flying out a day early so we can relax a bit before setting off again. Starting to get excited now.

Hi Mike

Sounds like a good idea going a day earlier didn't know you could. Hope to meet you in San Jose  only 8 weeks to go can't wait. Have you any particular interest while there or just exploring a new country.

We (include my wife sue) love all wildlife and try to capture what we can on camera but are by no means experts at either.

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Dave & Sue

Hi Dave & Sue,

We are looking forward to the variety of experiences this trip offers. The rain forests and volcanic landscapes are something different to our previous trips with Exodus. The wildlife, too, should be very different to what we have seen before (we have done Land of the Tiger, as well as two trips to Africa - Classic Botswana, and Gorillas & The Masai Mara). Certainly the animals and birds of the rain-forests should be a highlight (although Helen is concerned about the spiders; my worry is more snake-related!). I like to use my cameras to record our trips, but I am still learning how best to use the SLR camera. My pocket Lumix is much more versatile and forgiving, and produces almost as good results!

We have been to Europe, Africa, Asia, North America, and the Caribbean before, but have yet to make it to South America. With this trip, we are inching closer. However, we find the long-haul flights a bit of an endurance, hence our decision to arrange an earlier arrival to give us time to recover and acclimatise. See you both in just over 7 weeks time. Better start planning what to pack ...!

Mike & Helen

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