Anybody excited

Hi all. Anybody climbing Toubkal this winter?



Hi Mark, yes I'm all booked and will be joining you on the climb in November, I'm excited but a little apprehensive as I'm new to all of this!!! 


Have you ever done any walking/mountaineering before?


No Mark I havent but have quite an active lifestyle, just about to complete a half marathon on Sunday (been running for 3 years), walk, cycle and gym on a regular basis! It will be quite a challenge for me but have a strong positive mental attitude and never like to give up!!! The Exodus sales reps think I will be ok :-))


I'm Ed and can't wait to get going on this winter trek! I've done quite a few mountain treks now but only really dabbled with crampons, so this will be the first to use them so much. Which leads me nicely on to ask you guys what you've decided upon with your boots/crampon hire?

We'll be hiring C1 crampons which means you need B1 boots. Do you all have B1 grade boots or are you going to risk the fit of C1s to your regular trekking boots? Will they just work their way loose with the flex of your boot and drive you nuts?! You can also get universal fit crampons which go over any boot but I'm getting mixed responses on what we need/will it be ok?!?! 

I'd be interested to hear what you guys are doing...?

Not long now! 


Did Toubkal at end of last winter. Toubkal is a walk not a climb. Minimal "exposure". Did it in B2s (Mantas) & C2s -which are fine for alpine stuff but an overkill for this walk. We didn't manage Ounakrim - we were getting really frozen (I had six layers on top and two layers of trousers) on a morning of cloud cover and bitting cold wind (there would have been scramble on this walk). Modern flexible C1 crampons should fit to less stiff soled boots - just check they are fitted ok, and check again when you pause for a breather. Main tip I would suggest is boots should be able to cope with layers of warm socks! .... & multiple layers for the rest of you too. Expect cosy but very basic accomodation at the mountain lodge. I is very unfit and took 5 hrs up and two down. If you can do a half marathon then this walk is likely to be a doddle. Enjoy the trip (I did).


Sounds like I've overdone it on the boots.  Invested in B2s (as I have my eye on another Exodus trip requiring them and didn't want to buy two pairs.)  Have to say I may regret it - am finding the rigidity difficult to walk in - my ankles and knees were in pain after 2 days of hillwalking a few weeks back but then its probably easier in snow.  At least they are warm!!  Looking forward to meeting you all next week. Sounds like the other essential item of gear may be a wee hipflask of whiskey :-)  


Does anyone think trek poles are worth taking or do you end up carrying ice axe the whole tme anyway?

Extra - thanks for the heads up re the boots. Only just checked this board again and a week ago I decided to invest in B2s (which just so happen to be Scarpa Mantas!). I've been wearing them as much as possible to break them in! They've had great reviews for years as one of the best all-rounder winter mountain boots. I agree they're probably overkill for this trek but it's about other treks too, where I can select between proper winter vs summer boots and be able to take C1/2s. 

Yes I'll be taking one pole. I assume we start below the snow line so the pole will be useful and then swtich to carry the ice-axe when on snow/ice. I prefer one pole anyway so not too much extra to take.

Not long now, see you Sunday! 

Hi all

I've just booked on this trip leaving at end of December.

What did you all do about crampons?  My boots are B0 rating... and am concerned they are not crampon compatible.... did others have similar or did you all have boots that were compatible with crampons?

Any advice is greatly appreciated.



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