Anybody going on any of the snowshoeing trips?

we're going on the pyrenees trip but i'd like to hear from anybody going snowshoeing... have you ever been before?

 it's totally new to me but looked cool. we're actually going on 27th dec so we'll be out for new year but for some reason that's not an option to choose below.


I provisionally booked this date to go, although struggling with decent flights being way up North in "sunny" Scotland!  I met some people earlier this year who had done this and similar trips with Exodus and they said it was great!


yeh, we've not got flights yet either (edinburgh) we're hoping that jet2 is flying but they only release flights a couple of months before. worst comes to worst we'll go via gatwick.

glad to hear you've met someone who reccomends the trip. we were in the US in snowshoeing season a couple of years ago but have never done it ourselves.

Never thought about them for flights!  Several people raved about this trip, more so than some others.  In particular, the Exodus lodge!  meant to be tough going on the legs though!!!

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