Is Anybody Going On The Borneo Wildlife Discoverer-Apr1-20/2012

This is a part of the world I would dearly love to see but am reluctant to go ahead until I know that it is guranteed to go. Has anyone registered so far? It would be nice if some trips Exodus took a chance on because it definately would catch my interest! 


Thinking about this.... I am also Canadian from Vancouver Island.

That's Great! There are some great seat sales out there now. I booked mine through Air Canada and affiliates. Transitting through Vancouver & Singapore there & through Hong Kong & Vancouver back. I'm leaving a few days earlier to be on the safe side & get over the jetlag. If you compare this trip with similar small group adventure travel companies like GAP and Intrepid this one stands out. I hope I'll be seeing a fellow Canadian on this trip!


Still thinking about this trip. Do you mind my asking how much your flights cost? Are you staying over in Hong Kong and Singapore? Do you know this area of the world? I have been to China (not Hong Kong) and India but not Malaysia.

I know, I checked out all the others and this trip has by far the best itinerary. I really want the opportunity to see the wildlife, particulary orangutains in the wild, as well as in sanctuaries.

I assume you are female, as I am. Are you travelling alone? I will be as my husband will be working and is really not interested in going to Borneo.

I really do hope I will be able to do this trip and I agree it would be nice to have a fellow Canadian.

I was mistaken with which place I'm transitting through to get to Kota Kinabalu. It is Seoul, Korea. Spending only enough time for the connection, unfortunately! Arriving 2 days before and 1 extra day after is about all I can spend away at this time of year. The price I got for my flight was $1653.52 including taxes.

Yes, I'm a female travelling alone. I am also leaving a husband at home to work. This is not his type of holiday and he has no problem with me travelling like this. I have been on similar adventures all over the world but none to SE Asia yet. I have a special interest in primates. I've been to Gombe Stream in Tanzania to track chimpanzees and plan to go in the future on the Exodus trip to Rwanda/Kenya to observe Gorillas. I hope you book the trip!


Thanks for the info on your flights. I really want to do the trip but it looks like about $6000 in total so still pondering.

I would have loved to have had the opportunity to track chimps in Tanzania. Sounds awesome. I have also wanted to see the mountain gorilla. I do not travel to specifically see wildlife but it is one of the reasons I travel. Last year I had the opportunity to go into tiger reserves in India. I had amazing experiences. I have also been to Zambia and Peru on wildlife exoplorations.

Have you travelled with Exodus before? I have travelled Explore, Gap & Jules Verne as well as others. Who did you go to Tanzania with?

If you would like to chat some more send an email to [email protected]. This is not my everyday email but one I use for public sites. If I get an email from you I will advise you my personal email.


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