Is anybody going to the Galapogos in april

Hi i am booked on the galapogos trip this april, just wanted to see who elce was going? It is my first Exadus trip and my first solo trip abroad, i am very excited looking forward to swimming with sealions and seeing Waved Albatross.

I have looked at all the photos on the exadus website several times and cant wait to get out there and see if i can do as well.

If anyone has any info on underwater cameras that would be useful as not sure which to get it is between a canon and a pentax compact so far


look forward to meeting everyone


Hi, me and my other half will be on the same trip. We booked it nearly a year ago and the excitement is increasing as the trip gets nearer!

I have a Canon Powershot D10 waterproof camera. I have bought it for the trip so haven't had chance to use it yet, but I hope to get some practice with it before we go. I'm also taking two Canon digital SLRs for use on land. From what I have read the best advice is to take twice as many memory cards as you think you will need.

Mark and Moira 



Thanks for your reply, will probobly also get the canon D10 have read some reviews and that seems the best option as do not want to risk my SLR in underwater housing. Am going to focus on imaging at  the nec sunday see what advice i can get and may be some bargins.

Are you taking a tripod? I tend to use one most ofthe time in the uk






We'll be there too.  My husband & I won't be on the group flight but we look forward to meeting you all in Quito!

Becky & Richard.


Teresa - I probably won't take a tripod. We have enough stuff to take as it is, and it sounds like space on the yacht is limited. Also I want to enjoy the trip and the views and not spend time putting up/taking down a tripod!

Becky & Richard - we are also not on the group flight. We arrive in Quito early on the 17th. How about you?


I am on the group flight arriving on the sunday evening. (so far i am the only one on the group flight)

I am going to get a small tripod as i tend to use one most of the time, i am use to carrying one even though it can be a pain at times.

 The last few weeks have gone very fast so will be out there before we know it. I look forward to meeting you all.

 T Cullen


Mark & Moira - we'll be in on the KLM flight from Amsterdam, arriving early Sunday morning.  I guess we'll just store our bags at the hotel and go exploring for a bit!

Becky & Richard


Becky and Richard - we are on that flight as well. I was hoping the hotel might let us have the room early, but if not I'm sure we can leave the bags as you say.

Mark and Moira 


Well then we'll be looking out for the Exodus baggage tags and probably be able to say hello before we even get to Ecuador!  See you at the Sierra Madre hotel if not before.


Our first trip with Exodus and not very experienced travellers. Flight at 07.25 am term 3, hope we can find that as driving down Sat night.  I would feel more confident if we were being met there! If you see a lost couple its bound to me us. Exciting though!! Fi.

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