Anybody out there booked to go on this trip?

Hello :-)

This is my first adventure, would be nice to get to know people before we go!!

Please get in touch


hey all, tesco online had the best rates around at end of last week but u have to order online to get the rates, the shops are a bit lower. 11 sleeps!!!!


Hi All
Thanks for that info Les :-) don't forget that Thomas Cook will match Tescos online rate in store :-) I haven't even started looking into money yet :-s need to pull my finger out not got long now.
Has anybody got a sleeping bag liner for the last train journey? The cheapest I've found is £7.99 it hardly seems worth buying for 1 night and I'll be wearing pj's so don't think I'll bother.
Last hep b jab tomorrow!


Hi All

Sorry Lee, just seen my mistake :-s

Had a look at exchange rates today the best I found was on a website called World First foreign exchange, it was 10.06, but constantly flutuating.  I think that I will take a print of this into Thomas Cook :-) the second best I found was your Covent Garden site Brian so might take this as a back up :-)


wow 10 anything is good at moment, some i found were only offering 9.2 !!

It sounds a bit dodgy mayb counterfeit.LOL I think mine was about 9.6.  I had already bought a liner and as its v light I might bring it. It will make me do another trip to get the value out of it. This time next week I'll be in the air trying to get some sleep. I hope there's not an excited young lady beside me:-).


Well that's 6 of the 7 things on my last list done, just labels to do.  We have got liners that need broken in so we are taking them - wouldn't want anyone to see my black slinky neglegie(spell?) and my long black boots! Ruth might even be in red - who knows!  Hope you are all remembering that you need a certificate telling what vaccinations you have had and naming any medications you are on.  We both saw it written down but not sure where.   We just got a photocopy of our file records showing vaccinations in the last few years and up to date, and a copy of repeat prescriptions which have all the medical centre info and they look official. No charge for once.

Am falling asleep at this machine cause 1.15am so bye for now.  Sooo glad we can chat on here.


Hi All

Just been and odrered my currency, they wouldn't match the 10.06 but did match the 9.6! That will be 1 less scorpion on a stick I will be able to afford ;-) lol

I didn't realise you needed a certificate of your vacinations and a list of medications :-s thanks for posting thabout that Les.  Just in time too as I'm going for my final jab this afternoon so can get that sorted while I'm there.

Just got a bit of ironing and sewing to do then all ready to pack!!!!!



You never know your luck Brian tou might end up with another excited young lady next to you on the flight ;-) lol!

Does this mean I will have my own designated quiet seat at the back of the bus for all of the tours :-D

As the vaccinations are only recommended don't think a certificate is necessary. Its only if you are coming from a Yellow Fever Country (Africa) that you need to show you have Yellow Fever Vaccination. Anita you can have my scorpion if your short. I don't think any seat your in will be the quiet seat.Lol


Yes Brian, think your right, but handy to have for future trips anyway! List of meds is needed if you are carrying prescription drugs, just in case of need for med assistance!, but of course we wont!  Anita, the sleeping bag liner would be an investment for the future, BUT, if your sure your happy having British fleas mixing with Chinese ones, just wear your PJ's and socks, you can always tie the bottom with string!  Read one man's comment which said he wouldn't have missed it 'cause the old train has character and shows us history, and when the planned new comes in that will be gone.

Spent the evening putting shampoo, conditioner, creams etc in tiny containers (and labeling them) 'cause it takes away a lot of weight, (get in Boots, or tiny plastic model-plane paint containers,which Ruth's hubby has kindly given us).  Asda and Tesco also sell small size travel toiletries.   Keep remembering you have to carry EVERYTHING yourself, up and down, and in and out, but of course Brian and Lee might be gentlemen and offer to do it for us all;  somehow have my doubts!  Who can beat my case at 10?  Have you looked at B.A.s site, at least we can take a handbag AND a travel bag on board if we want which gives a little extra. Its, leads and insect spray and 'bits. that take up space.   As long as we pack our optimism, a smile and a sense of humour we will be fine.    

Talking of flight socks, which we weren't, I got them for long flights and although not cheap, found that once on, cause tight, made a huge difference and had no trouble with swollen ankles or legs and actually quite comfortable.  Another investment Anita! 

OH MY GOODNESS, it's only a week. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. 

Don't worry Les I am a perfect gentleman and will help whenever  required ;-).  I still have lots of hair so I need a big bottle of shampoo! 10kg you will be doing lots of washing. Yes the main thing is the optimism, a sense of adventure and a good sense of humour.

Anita how come you have 4 stars and I only have 2 its not fair.


one more week of work to go! my partner said she doesn,t need a liner cos she be sleeping in her clothes!! lol.  bag is half packed now, just a few decisions left but seems ok for weight, thou i,ll be amazed if my partner gets hers below 20kg!!! thou we have a rule regards our holidays, she can take whatever she likes, buts she has to carry it :)


Hi All Brian you now have 3 stars! Keep posting excited ramblings and you'll soon get to 4 ;-) I'm quite happy to help anyone with carrying bags, 3 weeks without hitting the gym I'll be getting withdrawal symptoms :-s I saw your post just before I went to lunch yesterday Les and caved in and bought a sleeping bag liner also bought myself a new waterproof coat as the one I was going to take no longer waterproof! I know would have been cheaper to buy a spray :-s I think I may also invest in some flight socks :-)


Silly iPhone app will only let you post short messages!!! I couldn't cope for 3 weeks with only small bottles of shampoo etc :-s I'll be packing normal size toiletries so if you run out Les you're quite welcome to share mine :-) Brian if you need to borrow my hair dryer for your plentiful hair you're quite welcome ;-) and the straighteners too if you like lol!

Yea 3 now mayb catch up quicker if use iphone 2. Not so plentiful hair now went to hairdressers saturday and she was bit scissor happy. Also bought some trendy black flight socks in Boots. I don't know if this counts as an exciting ramble:-)


Hi all,   Yes Lee I may well sleep in my clothes but I will ALSO use my bag!   Had a terrible experience in Edinburgh a few years ago where I knew the moment the owner opened the door of the BnB that it was a mistake, and I couldn't even walk on the carpet, so I jumped onto things to get to the dreadful ensuite, so I won't go there again!  BUT all part of the fun of travel!

Anita, never mind carrying straighteners, the Chinese will just love your curls or waves, they don't have any!   And we won't know any better.   Bit like any Briitish grey hair, unusual!

 Well done Brian,   Black it's very 'in' just now, and by the time your home, your hair will be normal! 

 Oh me - 5 sleeps - !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and Ruth MUST be excited but more sedate than me. 

Ta raa.   It's Monday, which means tomorrow its 4 sleeps on Tuesday!!!!   You do realise that anyone 'outside' this group must think we are all completely nuts.




Back again - Can't sleep so went on to the Cruise ship site.   Been into every corner and read all the information.   Bigger than I expected and certainly lots of places to visit and see   They take pride in speaking English, so here's hoping.   How are the chopsticks going - can see Ruth having to feed me if fingers are out!  Can hear her saying "On your bike"!  

 Neil getting so fed up with my excitement that he actually said "Never mind me - just go!"  Have a feeling that 3 weeks of peace with his dog will be absolute heaven, and cost him nothing. Under all this I'm really quite quiet and shy you know - its just the computer talking.


Hi All

Now counting down on 1 hand! wow :-D

Was so busy yesterday collapsed into bed and nearlly overslept for work :-s I think I need to do that for the rest of the week otherwise I'll be posting with Les at 2 in the morning lol

I too now have a very sexy pair of black flight socks :-( need to rethink what I'm travelling in don't think they'll look good with my 3/4 combat trousers :-D

Still got a pile of ironong to do and a press stud to sew on no idea when I'll be able to fit that in.

Les I don't have curly hair in fact it's soooo straight my niece laughs at me for straightening it! It just looks neater and tidier when I do :-)

Get my hair cut friday dinner time hope she doesn't cut too much off of mine :-s

Really so excited to meet all of you in person I think we should all get on very well and have a good laugh :-)


Hi there, Anita re the trousers, I don't put socks on until I'm sitting in the ladies and waiting to board the plane for China, and you will take them off before or on the bus, so I wouldn't worry for everyone will be a mess by the time we get there!  Hope you have a sunhat or cap for the sun, or a small pretty brolly to hold up  (for burning), going to some huge places with absolutely no shelter or trees.  but perhaps you don't feel the need.

Phylis has been totally quiet, but get the impression that she is her own woman, it will be good to find out.   Feel we are all a step ahead of others, but am sure that will be quickly rectified. For me, sharing the excitement has been fantastic.   Thank you all.  

Well I closed the case tonight and will do labels tomorrow, have you remembered to put your name and contact no. inside, as instructed, in case of loss, which it won't/mustn't. 



Well all packed (16kg). Staying in belfast tonight with friends so closer for my 6.50am flight to Heathrow. Then 12.30 flight to Bangkok arriving 6.05 Thursday but it will seem like midnight. Have tours of floating market and Bridge on River Kwai booked. Maybe half day cookery couse too but might leave that to way home.

Believe there are beautiful ladies who are really men in Bangkok you would never get that in NI lol

See you all in Beijing hopefully


Wow only 1 more sleep for you Brian :-) hope you have a good flight and enjoy yourself in Bangkok. Just look out for Adams apples and you'll be fine ;-) lol! See you in Beijing :-D
Thanks for reminding about putting details in my case Les I'd totally forgot :-s think I might need to read through all my info again to see what else I've forgot!

In heathrow waitng for flight. Spilt gravy over trousers last nite had 2 get them washed and dried quickly and I wasn't even using chopsticks. Good idea Anita but if she's beautiful it's not the usual place 2 look :-)


Hi all,   I really am enjoying reading all your messages which helps getting to know you.  Was in hairdressers today and overheard a lady  talking about going to China on Sat.  Thought that was quite a coincidence.  She is going with Wendy Wu for 4 weeks and flying first to Shanghai.  we may see them on the way round. 

Have a great time in Bangkok, Brian, and try to see the temples. 

There is another couple joining us at the last minute.  Looking forward to meeting you all and it sounds as if it will be great fun. 


Hi there,   Loved the bit about the gravy Brian, that'll teach you to think about ladies 'bits' - watch you don't get caught out, I knew someone who did, he was military and thought he was so worldly-wise!  The reason we know about the couple is 'cause Exodus were looking for a cabin for them on the ship, lets hope they are all packed like us lot.  I just want to go now, I'm tired of finding things to do. Getting lots of texts and e-mails wishing us well. A lady of 87 said we were so wise 'going for it', before the body goes!  We'll see.   Envious of Brian being on his way.  Checked through our Travel Agent and at least we only have to line up once to get our luggage through with B.A.  Take care.

Arrived safely in Bangkok. Flight ok bit bumpy over Himalayas. Took lots of wine to help me sleep but didn't work only made me forget to put on trendy flight socks. But survived ok.

V wet here rainy season.
Hi ruth (looking forward 2 meeting you) yes going to floating markets and palaces 2moro. Think u and I are the sensible ones in the party.
3hrs sleep in room now venturing out.
Anita no excited girls beside me but still didn't sleep.


Hi All I nearly picked the Thailand trip it was my second choice really wanted to see the bridge over the river Kwai and visit 1 of the war cemeteries that my great uncle is buried in. Defo 1 for the future :-) got 1 more day at work and then some packing to do!!! I feel sorry for the poor person who's got to sit next to me on the flight lol!


Hi there,   Anita, if your like me you will settle down once on the journey, but a waste of time going to work, and Brian, I reject the idea that Ruth is sensible, just not quite as verbal on paper, but wait till you meet her!  The problem is that once you retire, there is no one to impress, and life is for fun and frolics.  Going out for coffee with 30 ladies at a friends house in the morning, very hospitable the Scots.  Hope to relax in the afternoon, family bringing fish n chips for tea so no washing up.   Might manage a Gin to help me sleep.  Looking forward to hearing about Bangkok Brian.   Got our tartan ribbon tied on Lee, so see you soon.  Take care all.  Be safe.



Well managed 2 get a steak in hard rock cafe so no chopsticks needed yet. It's v humid here so a waterproof is too hot small umbrella much better. U might want 2 bring 1.Trip to palace shortly.


Not much longer now! Really looking forward to the flight as well I love flying I'm on 1 of the new big airbuses biggest plane I've been on b4 was 767 thanks for the tip about a brolly Brian might get a cheapo 1 from primani at dinner today. Can't wait to here about your trip to Thailand. Disappointed in you having steak though :-( when in Rome and all that, hope you're going to be a bit more adventurous in china :-) Les I'm feeling left out with the ribbons :-( wish I could meet up with you all sooner :-(


Well won't be long b4 I get to meet you all, can't wait :-D has been great chatting on here and getting to know you all a little bit b4 we go think I'd be a complete nervous wrek by now if I hadn't!


no more sleeps! its d-day :)


Wooooo hoooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! See you all in Beijing

Safe journey everyone :-)

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