Anyone booked on this?

Just to say hi - really looking forward to this, it's somewhere I've always wanted to visit. I know that there are eight others already going. 

We went in May 2010 - you will really enjoy it.  Beware being woken at 0500 on San Cristobel by the sea lions barking

Four things the trip notes don't yet cover well

a) Tipping - is around $80 per person rather than the $50 mentioned

b) Sierra Negre trek  Waterproofs - take both lightweight jacket and trousers in case it rains (we expereinced a lot at times though it did clear for the spectacular iights).  Also strong recommendation to take walking poles

c) for snorkelling - take own mask and snorkel - the boats have flippers so more room in kitbag unless particularly want to take own.  Underwater camera would be good.

d) At Floreana your kitbag stays on the boat so prepare an overnight bag when packing on leaving San Cristobel

In terms of eating on the Sunday after your arrival - avoid Hotel Quito - stuffy, slow and expensive. 

 Trust this helps


Thanks, Steve. We'll bear all this in mind - haven't ever used walking poles, but clearly need to investigate them! We can recommend the Lost World trip to Venezuela - absolutely terrific. Liz

I went on this last year and it was one of the best things I have ever done!

I would completely agree with all of Steve's advice.  Walking poles were an essential for me on the Volcano trek - it was quite slippy and surprisingly hard work - but brilliant once you got there!  Something to put over your face when you get to the sulphur bit would also be recommended...

I had an underwater camera and I'm so glad that I did - the snorkelling is amazing.  You really don't need a super duper zoom - there are very few occasions when the animals are far enough away for you to need one.  Only really when shooting birds.

The boats that take you from island to island aren't very big and are quite rocky, so if you are prone to sea-sickness (or even if you aren't particularly) some tablets might be a good idea.  I also took a wildlife guide for the Galapagos.  The guides are very well informed, but it is quite nice to read about what you are seeing.

 I hope you have a great time.  If you have Fabian as a guide he is superb.


Hi Guys,

I'm booked to go on the Cachalote at the end of October (Galapagos Wildlife Cruise).  About the snorkelling gear on board the Cachalote, the dossier says you have to hire it at US$15 per week.  I do have my own, so does anyone know whether if I take my own mask and snorkel I can just borrow the fins?  Thanks.


Hi from Allan and Andrea we are looking forward to this trip hope it lives up to our picture of the islands it has been on our wish list for ages.

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