Anyone booked...?


I am booked on this trip, and was interested to hear from anyone else who has taken the plunge and booked.

I'm hoping the weather will be cooler by the time we get there, to hopefully make the cycling easier.

I'm not flying in from the UK so I guess I will meet everyone at the hotel.

Take care for now


HI Raquelle

Yes, I've just booked on this trip too.  Looks amazing.  I've not been on an Exodus trip, or to Jordon before, so this is new territory, but I'm looking forward to the challenge.  



Hello Sarah,

I'm in the same boat as you, not visited Jordan or been with Exodus. I've travelled with other companies on these sorts of things and always had a brilliant time.

Are you getting much practice in with the cycling. I'm doing some but only about 10 km a day, I need to up my game I think!

Look forward to meeting you and maybe chatting some more on here.

Ta'ra for now


Hi Raquelle

Having read the other thread, I realised I've also added to the confusion, as I hadn't noticed more than one dept date for Nov....I'm actually booked on the 20th Nov trip too!  Anyway, good to still 'meet' up on here and share our prep etc.  Hoping to get out on my bike this w/end a couple times and wondering what the weather will be like in Jordan in late Nov... looks like temps could vary.



Hello All,

Its not long now, is there anyone else out there thats going on this trip. Anybody.Please.

I'm feeling rather lonely here on my own :o)



Raquelle, just found this forum. Sorry to hear you're feeling lonely! We (my partner Lynne and I) are booked on this trip, looks great.
We've done a few, about 7 I think, Exodus trips before and they've all been great so no worries there. We're not as fit as we should be for the cycling so maybe we'll keep you company. See you there.

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