Anyone booked for to Basecamp Oulanka, Finland ?

Hi. Anyone booked for Basecamp Oulanka, Finland. We went last year and had such a fantastic time that we are going again in April. Can't wait and the children are very excited too.


hi there. we are going - very excited - first time we have been on a trip like this. look forward to meeting you


We are excited to see you too!

What are your names ours are Katie,9,Ben,7,Julie ,Andy.

We all really enjoyed the husky sleding I am sure you will enjoy it too!

We are stoking up on hot chocolate and cup a soup for our lunches. 

we enjoyed slegdeing down the drive there it was cool!

Hanna is a lady there she is really kind and fun it is spelt like this in finland

the snow was up to our thighs


p.s hope to see you soon


Do you have any pets?

We have a Hamster called Brownie.

I liked the raindeer sleding best

We went down hill skiing in Ruka 

see you soon from Ben

Great to hear from you. Are you flying from Heathrow? We are. Looking forward to meeting you all.

Best wishes



hi all

wow! sounds like great fun

Im Phil and my wife is called cath - Izzy is 9, Ciaran is 7 and Jamie is 5 - i will get them to say hi later this week and they can tell you about our pets and what they are looking forward to.

Yes - we are flying from Heathrow so maybe we could meet up before take off - look forward to seeing you all -not too long to go now!!

all the best



Yes we would love to meet up with you all at Heathrow. Any suggestions where? See you soon

best wishes




 Does Izzy go to brownies ?

Does Ciaran go to beavers ?

Because ben has just been to a challenge event called wally willams



(the last message was from Katie)




Hi, Katie and Ben,

We have a cat called Storm and three chickens called Sour,Dolly and Bluebell. I don't go to brownies but I love Karate. I am really looking forward to seeing you. Are you excited about going to Finland? I am! The boys love football and Ciaran loves adventures and wants to do some ice fishing. I really want to go Husky Sledging.

Love Izzy 

Hi Julie

We will get to Heathrow around 8ish so could meet at check in and then go for a coffee if you want. Do you have any packing tips for us first timers - i guess we need to take a few snacks and some layers. Hoping we get to see the Northern Lights!! 



Hi Julie
Do we need to take things like walking boots, ski goggles and waterproofs with us. The packing tips kind of suggest not but we're not sure. Do we need to wrap up enough to get there?
Thanks for any help


Hi Phil

They provide excellent boots,jackets, waterproof trousers, layers of fleeces and fleece trousers, gloves,socks and hats.and really warm snow suits for the children. I think it is worth taking thermal underwear if you have them. We are taking balaclavas this year as they didn't provide anything for around your neck.. We are also taking some of our own ski socks. We are taking goggles and sunglasses as they did not supply these last year and we are planning to ski at Ruka. There is a coach journey of about 45 mins from the airport so you need some warm clothes for this, though the coach is heated. Most people didn't bother to change in the evenings so you don't really need many clothes.

We didn,t bother with the lunches at Basecamp as they were quite expensive so we will take cuppa soup, pitta bread  wraps, chocolate bars, biscuits etc. Hot chocolate is expensive to buy so we will take our own. Free tea and coffee is available all day. A few games for the evening may be a good idea.

There are no shops anywhere near Basecamp. Last year we did not see a shop till Ruka on Thursday. Basecamp sell t shirts and mugs and a few (expensive) chocolate bars but not much else. Suncream and lipsalve may be useful.

It would be great to meet at the check in. We should be there by 8am and we will have our exodus labels. We'll look out for you. 

Let me know if you have any more questions. Looking forward to meeting you all. Only 2 weeks now!

Best wishes



That's brilliant
Thanks for all your help. Hopefully we won't go packing the kitchen sink now. The kids are really looking forward to meeting Katie and Ben and the ages are a great match. We are travelling down from the midlands early Sunday so will probably check in as soon as the desk opens.
See you soon!


Hi Izzy

I like karate too !I can`t wait till finland.


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