Anyone off to Borneo??

Hello there :-) I've just heard that I've managed to make it onto the March departure for the trip to Borneo and I'm beyond thrilled!!!! As a single traveller it's nice to know or at least hear from anyone else who is going.

 So...........anyone out there??? :-)

Hope to hear from you, Hayley

Back up to the top :-)


i am also lucky enough to be going on this trip. little bit excited :)



Awwww fabulous! I'm a bit nervous too :-S Where are you from? Are you travelling with mates / other half? I'm guessing you will be on the group flight from Heathrow?

hehe glad its not just me, furthest i've flown is portugal so it should be interestin :S


I'm from north wiltshire, where are u from? well originally it was me and a few mates but i was the only one who saved up so its just me, and there no other half either. so you going on your own?


yeah that right, out from heathrow at 10am or something? 


Yer just me! I'm much in the mind set that if you wait around for others you will never do anything in your life so best take the bull by the horns and enjoy everything life has to give. You are going to really enjoy it. This is my second tour with Exodus (first was Namibia and Botswana) but I've done one other group tour to Ecuador with an educational group to visit schools etc. The good thing for us is we have a full trip so lots of different people to share the experience with. Yep that's the flight :-) I'm travelling from Hull the day before because trains made it a little too close for comfort travelling in the morning. Oh cripes I'm getting butterflies at the thought!!! Think I'm more nervous about the mountain......I'm fine climbing / trekking up anywhere but coming down is a completely different game............. :-S

i salute that attitude, i thought i'd give them some time to sort it out but like u say, there just comes a point where you have to go for it :)

oh cool, so you're much more of a veteran at this sort of thing than me then. yeah im quite looking forward to it, meeting new people is always good.

 what was namibia and botswana like?

 hehe i am quite looking forward to the mountain, i think it might nearly kill me but it will be so worth it. take it your not a fan of heights? 

Love my heights :-) I'm just rubbish at the balancing thing when going down slopes....tend to end up on my ass :-S

Namibia and Botswana was amazing, I went mainly because of my love of animals and went wondering if I was to be lucky enough to see any......saw hundreds!!!!! It was the 'Desert and Delta' trip and would totally recommend it to anyone. It was an overlander trip so very bumpy and rickerty but it was a totally fantastic experience. We camped our way around and its funny how fast you can pitch a tent when you know that only the first two people get the warm shower......

I originally missed getting on this trip by one day but then luckily someone ducked out so the whole office knew I'd got my place when I screetched at the email :-)

A veteran makes me sound old :-P So, have you been doing the glamorous back pack shopping?? I do believe trips like this bring out the inner geek in me......

hehe i apologise in advance if that happens and i laugh :D although if i laugh you can almost guarantee i'll be on my ass within 2 mins

awesome, it does sounds pretty wicked, something like that is on my list as well, along with madagascar and south america. bit of an animal lover myself which may have influenced my decision to go to borneo first. Lol yeah i bet a warm shower is like gold dust doing a trip like that (have to say im not very good at pitching tents so its a good job there's no tenting on this one)

you like all animals or you prefer some over others? bit of a reptile man myself. 

aww that sucks, still, at least you got on this one :)

oops, ok i'll say "not a newbie" if it makes you feel better hehe. well i have a back pack and boots sorted as well as meds so its just appropriate clothing and hygiene stuff now.

lol closet geek eh? (dont worry im much the same) 

I love ALL animals, some would say more than people :-D Reptiles and things with more than 4 legs are awesome but I draw the line at spiders. I'm over the fear and can now move them around the house without freaking out but still not friends with them. There will be some great ones on this trip I reckon!!! Have you seen the snake pictures for our trip? Do you have any as pets?

I was eyeing up the Indonesia trip, Komodo Dragons!!! But then decided on this one. Yo uwill find your list is ever growing once you have caught the bug. I quite fancy doing the Inca trail or a polar type expedition :-O

yeah sounds like me, i do have a preference for the cold blooded but to be honest seeing anything in the wild is a definite must, especially orangs and other apes. lol ah the spiders, yeah think there's a few funky ones but nothing overly dangerous (if memory serves correctly) yeah i saw some pics of a few tree vipers and things, stunning snakes. yeah i have 3 boas and 3 jungle carpet pythons at the mo, have kept god knows how many other things over the years mind lol. you got any pets?

oh yeah that would be wicked, they big old beasties mind. would be awesome to see though. think your right on that one, i have been avoiding browsing coz i know i will find god knows how many trips lol. the inca trail would be brilliant, seeing machu pichu (sp?) would be incredible. 

Fluffy creatures win with me hands down :-) OMG you have 6 snakes?!?! I have only a little cockatiel called Ollie and he is the sweetest thing but rather timid. No idea why but think he must have some psychological issues bless him lol. Had loads of animals through my life, love them and can't resist giving them a good home....awwwwwwwwwwww LOL

fair play, fluffy creature are nice and friendly, i have a strange liking of things that bite, which is a bit odd i suppose lol. yeah have 6 at the moment but always looking for more hehehe. ah bless a psychological damaged cockatiel, how odd lol. awww bit of a soft touch then :)

Tooooooooooot tooooooooooooooot!!!!

Yep I'm so soft its unreal. Gonna have to google what this carpet snake is, it sounds like a draught excluder.......

Are you travelling on the morning of the flight then? Cripes I wish it was this Friday!!! :-)

they are quite funky snakes, black and yellow sort of broken up pattern. obviously i'm biased but they totally rock

 yeah the 10 o clock (or somewhere close) flight isnt it? damn right, the sooner it comes round the better :) 

Without sounding like a stalker, are you on Facebook? I'll PM you instead of being on here all the time?

i do have facebook but i dont really use it. better off emailing me to be honest. [email protected]

Back up to the top :-)


Hi you guys. Yes there is someone else coming! Not just you two. I'm from Guernsey and I'm meeting up with a friend from the USA. Have just heard the news that the east coast is now off the menu. Bit of a disappointment.

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