Anyone coming to Peru?

Booked on this trip though seems so far away! Anyone else coming?

Hi there! Yes, I'm also booked. Never done a trip like this before! You travelling alone or with friends?

Hi Sarah and Gail,

 I am thinking of doing this trip but haven't booked yet.  I did Kili with Exodus in July and am booked for India in Feb too...



I'm not coming, but I did it in April 2009. It was amazing! You'll have a great time :)

Do check out the information in this forum (the arrivals gate or whatever it's called) and take a fair amount of long sleeved tops for the jungle. Good quality walking ones are best.



Hiya, have been meaning to reply. My boyfriend and I are travelling on this trip. We aren't on the group flights though, coming through via New York for a day each end. What are you plans? Elaine - afraid if you haven't booked yet then you are out of luck as it is now full up!

I'll be on the group flights. I live in Luxembourg so have to fly through London anyway, so might just as well pick up with the group there. The "what to pack" tips posted are really useful - thanks to everyone who has posted them. Planning to hit Nomad whn I'm in London in a couple of weeks to kit myself out. I have NOTHING!!! Only 4 months to go now - seemed like years away when I booked it!!

Elaine, would be keen to hear more about Kili, as am thinking of doing a trip next year.


Slightly confused as sarah says she is booked for May 2011 so cannot believe it is fully booked! I am booked on 23 October 2010 Inca trail and Amazon Rainforest departure - anyone for that?


Sorry, my mistake, I am on the trip that leaves London on 8th May, it's just that I leave on 7th as we are stopping in New York for one night. I could not face doing a 24 hour travel day in one go, getting to Lima at 11pm and then leaving for the jungle at dawn the next day!!


Hi :-)

I'll be on Peru trip.  You confused me for a while there with the date you posted but all is now clear following your follow-up message.  Really looking forward to the trip but have never done anything like this before.  Will be travelling alone and am a bit nervious!  The reviews people have posted are great and really inspired me to give it a go.  Would be great to meet other people who are leaving from London at the airport. 

Anyone been doing any training/preparation?  I bought some new walking boots recently but haven't quite got round to wearing them in! 


Hi,   We're coming as well, Anna & Steve from Coventry.  Flying from Heathrow on the 8th. Getting quite excited now as its not too far away now, seemed such a long way away when we booked.    Still got lots of shopping/preperation todo. 

Hi there all, good to hear from the various people who'll be joining the trip. Alsion, I'm travelling alone too, so don't worry, you'll be in similar company!! In fact we may even end up being "tent buddies" as I haven't gone for the single supplement - too boring!!! I do quite a lot of fitness anyway, but have really been focussing on leg work since the beginning of the year so that they hold out with all the trekking!! And I'm going skiining for a week at the end of March, so that should be good training! I'm just hoping that all the routes to/from Macchu Picchu are sorted out by then after the flooding and mud slides. Seemingly everything is due to re-open at the beginning of April, so we should be OK.... Not long now - only 2 months to go. Gulp!!


Hiya, We won't be joining you on this trip afterall. In the last couple of weeks my boyfriend has broken his foot and I've torn cartiledge in both of my knees. So clearly Peru was not meant to be for us! However don't feel sorry for us, Continental were really great and we have transferred our flights to go to Hawaii instead, despite it being a non refundable fare, and the travel insurance has covered all the other losses. We plan to do a little light walking around the volcanoes, injuries permitting, but nothing too strenuous! I could have probably still just about made it, but the break was the final omen as we just won't be recovered in time. Hope you all have a lovely time xx

Poor you and your boyfriend and what bad timing!! I'm sure you'll get another opportunity to do this trip. Am keeping my fingers crossed that I have a safe week on the ski slopes of Austria. Don't want to find myself in the same position!! This week should really get my legs in order!!! See you all soon, although not 2 of you :-(

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