Anyone doing Highlights of China 15 May?

If so just wanted to say hello! x

Hi Katie, my husband and I will be joining you on the China trip - hopefully! Have you been before? We went 25 years ago so it will be a shock to see how much has changed since then.

I see that there are only 2 places left so wonder who else will be joining us?

Joanne & Derek Anderson  

Hi Katie, just checked the site and the holiday is full so that means there is you, us and another 13 of us out there somewhere!!


Hi, no it will my first time in China - can't wait. I went to Vietnam a few years ago which was brilliant and I think it may be similar to that. It will be very interesting for you to go back again after 25 yeras - I imagine a lot will have changed in the cities.

Pleased to hear we have a full group - can't wait to go now!

 Katie x


Hi there!

Me and my husband are going - we booked ages and ages ago and now it seems to be coming round pretty quick!  We have never been - looking forward to it.  Does anybody know what the weather is going to be like?  I keep reading conflicting weather forcasts?!



Hi Mej - nice to hear of someone else going on the trip. From what we can gather weather will be anything from 15-25o so taking layers. Wonder where everyone else is on the trip?! it is a full one.

Joanne & Derek

The weather does seem really changeable. Very hard to pack light when you need layers. I'll be the little blonde one with a backpack bigger than I am!

 Just reading a book by Xinran called The Good Women of China which is interesting. Does anyone else have any recommended reads?

Really hoping this volcano starts behaving as will be devastated if we can't go.




Well we have sent our visa applications off so hopefully will get them back soon.  It is feeling more real now, i'm pretty excited!

Layers sounds like a good option...

 It's the first time me and my husband are doing a trip like this so has anybody got any other tips on items that we need to take?

 A friend of mine has just returned from a trip to China and she said it was amazing!



Already got my visa. I used the Travcour service they recommended and it all seemed to go smoothly.

These kind of trips are great. First time with Exodus but I have done similar ones with other companies. I'm sure we will have a brillaint time. A friend of a friend did the Highlights of China trip and loved it so hoepfully we all will as well.

Can't really think of much you need to take apart from obvious stuff like camera, passport, money etc. Very boring but a couple of things that can be useful is some hygiene hand gel and toilet roll.




Hi Mej

Yes agree with Katie re hand gel and loo roll! Also travel adaptors, chargers for camera etc. We got our visas ok too. Glad to hear of good reviews from returning travellers. We have been with Exodus before and touch wood they have been great, so we are looking forward to this trip very much. Not long now!

Joanne & Derek  



Never thought of hand gel - cheers!

Have started putting some litle things away, was in Tesco and found a tiny travel sized Andrex toilet roll - was pretty impressed LOL!

So what part is everyone looking forward to the most?

Is it bad to say shopping round Beijing/Shanghai? Hehe

But really - I think X'ian will be really interesting, with the bazaar at night and the cookery lesson we get.  Also looking forward to the Reed Flute Cave..

Not looking forward to the cycle ride too much, just because i'm not very good cyclist! 


Hi everyone,

Me and my other half, Clive will also be on the trip.  Can't believe it's less than 3 weeks away now!

Thanks for the tip on the travel sized loo roll.  Must get some.

See you all very soon.




Looking forward to all of it. It seems very varied which will be great. Really looking forward to the market and cooking lesson. I went to a food market in Vietnam and it was certainly an eye-opening experience - I hope nobody is too squeemish! The only place I am not sure I will like that much is Shanghai as not keen on modern cities but I am sure it will have its interesting side and it might be a good place to do a bit of shopping.





How is everybody taking their spending money?

We have been told by Rebecca (Exodus Representative) that we are best taking Travellers Cheques.  However my friend who has just arrived back from China told me that it's going to be really hard exchanging Travellers Cheques in the hotels!  Hmm I don't want to be without money!



Hi, no we are not taking travellers cheques for that reason - difficult to cash sometimes. Taking english money to exchange - usually done at the airport when you arrive or I see on trip notes that you can change in hotels and city - guess the guide will take us all there at beginning of holiday to change money. Also taking some US$ to exchange for trips etc.  Is that a good plan?!!

I'm going to change money into Chinese currency before I go and take my cash card. Not sure whether or not I'll need American dollars as well. x


Well we decided to get a mixture of travellers cheques money and our cards.

We are about to start packing - we seemed to be waiting ages for this holiday and now it's here all of a sudden!

Are you all going to be on the flight from heathrow on the 15th?


We're taking some Yuan and our debit/credit cards.  Will probably take out a bit of money each day while in Beijing to cover us until we get to Shanghai.

Yes, we're on the 2025 from Heathrow.  I'll be the one with the Lonely Planet and Mandarin phrasebook.

Looks like it's getting hotter by the day :-)



Yes, the weather does seem to be getting better.  There was a news broadcast on BBC the other day about the Expo and they were all wearing shorts/t shirts in the background - Good spotting by myself ha!

Are you guys taking towels?  I really don't know what these hotels are going to be like?


Weather does seem to be getting warmer which is great - although still might rain a bit so packing waterproof and brolly.  Not quite sure what clothes to take as I know we need long sleeves for the temples but not too sure how covered up you need to be just in normal places - does anyone know?

At work but got bored and I am currently writing myself a list of what I need to pack - looks ridiculously long and I haven't even added any clothes to it yet!

Slightly worried about the volcano again as apparently things might get worse again towards the end of this week so keeping all fingers and toes crossed.

Forgot to say I am on the Heathrow flight as well. Really hoping it is one of those planes where you have your own tv but the last few flights I have been on haven't so not getting my hopes up too much!

I am taking a small travel towel but usually they are provided by the hotels.


Hi, keeping everything crossed re the ash situation and all being well we will be on that Heathrow flight too. Joanne & Derek 


For clothes I've packed a mixture of shorts, t shirts, tunics, leggings and jumpers/cardigans!!  Got some very comfy walking shoes too.  Not got a waterproof, might be worth getting one - hmmm

Might bring a little towel also.  Let's hope this ash cloud disappears in time!! 

Yes, keeping an eye on the ash situation! We know someone who has just returned from the same trip.  Unfortunately they got stuck in China due to the situation but said that Exodus were excellent and handled the 2-week stay very efficiently - so as long as we get there, I won't be worried about being stuck out there!

He also said: Chinese very friendly, the tourists do stand out and it was the blondes who were most noticed not surprisingly (I'm wearing a hat then!), the country is much less restricted than they thought, food was great.  Just get in some chopstick practice!  Beijing buses and subway trains are a much try experience (I don't know why though. Only one way to find out).  And the tour guide, Dragon, was great (if we get him).

I haven't read about any clothing etiquette yet (still wading through my Lonely Planet) but I don't think it's like Muslim countries so should be fine other in than the temples etc.

We're planning to take a couple of small towels - but we haven't packed yet so they may get relegated ;-)





Eek - only a few days to go. Getting very excited - hope everyone else is too. Will have to start packing tonight I think and then repack 3 times so I can actually carry it!

 See you all in a few days xx


Wow so much to do and so little time!!! 

See you all soon.  Have packed a few more pairs of shorts now looking at the weather. :-) 

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