Anyone doing Rongai route of Kili on August 4th

Would love to hear from any fellow travellers on this trip?




Hey Katie!  I'm coming on the Rongai trip (Aug 6th) in a group of three guys (me, my dad and one of his buddies).  I'm 32 y/o from NYC, my dad (David) is 60 and lives in Denver, his buddy Peter is ~60 y/o as well and lives in New Mexico.  We're all in pretty good shape so hopefully we won't hold you back on the hike.  

I've heard good things about Exodus and the Rongai route so I'm pretty stoked about the trip.  Are you on facebook?




Hey Mike - fab to hear from you.

You def won't be holding me back - I would imagine it would be the other way round. :-) sure we can all help each other to the top tho.  

Quick question - you put Aug 6th on your message - I leave the UK on the 3rd so would imagine to be setting off on the climb on the 5th - is it definately the same trip? you just got me thinking there?

 Look forward to meeting you all.



My docs say "Ex UK date 05/Aug" so I think its the same thing.  We arrive on KLM on the 5th at ~7:30, guess with the xfer will be there around 9:30?  

The three of us are pretty good company - should be good at the top assuming we make it! yikes!  Looking forward to meeting you there.


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