Anyone else on this adventure?

I am going on this trip with a friend.  I'm not on the group flight as I am on a trip in Northern India prior to this one.  Would be interested to say Hello to any fellow travellers.



 I am going on this trip with my mum. We have been talking about going to India for the last ten years so really excited we are finally doing it. What trip in Northern India are you going on first? 

Am doing the trip called Mountains Temples and Hill Stations starting 3rd November, then spending a few days at a beach near Kochi before joining the group. Am also excited but a little nervous!


The Mountain Temples trip sounds really interesting. What part of India is it going to?

I am excited but nervous too. This is my first time in India. I went to Nepal the year before last and really enjoyed that but have heard they are quite different. Looking forward to the warm as its getting colder here.

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