Anyone else for AED Egypt, 15 Jan?

I'm booked on this solo but thoroughly looking forward to it.

Anyone else going?

Hello there, good to 'meet' you.  I am going also, on my own too!  

What are you looking forward to the most?? For me, its Abu Simbel.  

Have you been with Exodus before?  

Lets just hope the Egyptians get over there troubles by the time we land!

Look forward to hearing from you.




Hi Mandy,

 I'm looking forward to all of it! I went to Sharm 10 years ago and swore I'd go back and do Egypt "properly".  Abu Simbel, the Pyramids, the Nile many shiny things!

 I've not been with Exodus before - I seem to be working my way around the adventure/off-the-beaten track companies (Walks Wordwide for Morocco, Explore for Israel, KE for Jordan). How about you? Have you been to Egypt before and have you travelled with Exodus?

 I am indeed keeping a close eye on the politcal side of things - I was in Paris at the tail end of the 2005 banlieue riots, and was about to book a trip to Sri Lanka in 2007 when that last kicked off, so I'm hoping that the curse doesn't hold true for Egypt. :)


Hi Sara

This will be my 10th Exodus trip as i see no reason to travel with anyone else.  With the exception of 1, the tour leaders have been excellent.

You've been to Jordan too?  I just loved it there, especially Petra - WOW!  We flew out less than a week after the bombings in Amman! & i went to Sri Lanka in January shortly after the terrible flooding & was sure it was going to be cancelled, but luckily for us & i feel guilty for saying this, the south wasn't affected by the rain.

What are you doing about your Visa?  I think i'm going to leave it until we get to the Airport & hope i'm not the only one!!  Exodus say, one doesn't have to get one before?

We've had a superb day here in Dorset, beautifully sunny, but freezing cold!   On my umpteenth cup of tea!!




Hi Mandy,

  Jordan was amazing: we hiked from Dana to Petra via Little Petra and the "back entrance" to Petra itself. 4WD support for the camps, but Bedouin tracks by day, often moving from one patch of shade to the next given 45°C plus heat.

 i'm gkad you enjoyed Sri Lanka, I will definitely get there at some point!

 i'm also leaving my visa until I arrive, not least because I have no tine beforehand to even think about acquiring one over here.

 thank you for mentioning tea, I must remember to pack some decent tea bags. Cultural variety is all well and good, but sometimes a nice cup of tea is just what you need...




Hello again Sara

Good to hear from you & feel relieved you're leaving your Visa 'til Egypt!  We can queue together!  Good idea about tea!

If we don't speak in the next week, I wish you a very Merry Christmas x 

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