Anyone else booked?

We're a group of 5 women booked on this trip and wondered if anyone else has booked yet?

Hi, Ive booked on the same trip but taken the Moonstone option. The Moonstone only goes ahead if there's sufficient people, if not I'm automatically transfered to the Inca Trail route. I might see you there.

Hi Paul
I also wanted to do the Moonstone walk but my friends all felt it would be too hard. Hope some others sign up to join you otherwise we'll see you on our trek. Can't wait to set off! Are you training yet.


Hi my wife and I are booked onto the trip , just starting some training

John - what training are you doing. We've done a few 10 mile walks but it's the altitude that we're concerned about. Great to hear of more people on the trip. Can't wait to set off.


Kat we have the same thoughts on the altitude . walked up Snowdonia and it was quite tough on the knees coming down so we are trying to do more hill type walks as we live in a flat area

Snowdonia -thats impressive. We live in Kent so have the South Downs near us but nothing in comparison. We have talked about doing Snowdonia but it's finding the time to fit it in with other commitments and family. Will possibly try in the summer holidays. Was it really hard?


We went up the easy path and my wife found it quite hard going up and down this was our first time we have done anything like that it was about 4hrs up with rest stops and 3 hrs down with rest stops


Hi All,

My name is Hannah I'm 20 and I have booked onto this trip. I am travelling alone so its nice to be able to chat to you all before setting off!

I'm doing the Inka Tral rather than the Moonstone trek. Walking this route has been a dream for many years after seeing the iconic pictures of Machu Picchu as a young girl.

Looking forward to meeting you all :)



Hi Hannah
Have you done any sort of trekking holidays this is our first one trying to get some walking in so hopefully we can get to the top


Hi John,

Yes I have done quite a bit in this country as well as places like Malawi and South Africa. I'm also a qualified personal trainer so I'm more than happy to share tips!

Put in as much training as possible with more weight than you will be carrying in Peru and if you can put some running in it will increase your lung capacity, this will help with the altitude. If getting out for walks is difficult using a treadmill on a high incline will also help.

I'm unsure of what the difficulty will be like in Peru, the reviews seem to disagree with the grading exodus has given. Only one way to find out though I suppose!

On top of having well worn in boots, a month or so before a trip I put surgical spirit on my feet (applied with cotton wool) this toughens them up and prevents blisters. 

Let me know how the training goes :)



Hello everyone. My partner and I will also be on the trip.  Not sure about any preparation though, other than normal exercise. Not sure what to expect.  My daughter did it a couple of years ago and has raved about it ever since but said it wasn't too bad wrt altitude etc.

This will be third trip with Exodus and both others were terrific 


Hi everyone, can you advise that you have the same departure date from London Heathrow of 23 rd October at 18.40. Another question, on the kit list it says we should have mosquito nets, not sure we need them, are others taking them? Will give Exodus a call tomorrow but looking in the shops yesterday you need to know detail of the type of tent your are rigging them to make sure you buy the right ones.

Hi John,
Yes - we are also booked on the 18.40 flight to Madrid on 23rd Oct. can't believe it's only 10 days to go, I am so excited.
We are not bothering with mosquito nets but if you hear otherwise from Exodus could you let us know please. See you next week! Kathryn

My confirmed flight is 19.25 BA524

Is anyone else on this from Heathrow? I don't intend taking a mosquito net as Cusco is probably too high for mozzies. 


Hi our flight is IB3167 at 18:40 and I have confirmed with Exodus who advise that due to the high altitude Mosquitos are not a problem so no net required, Paul MB had that right. Really looking forward to the adventure now

Thanks for getting back yo me re. Mosquito nets. Any idea what the weather and temperatures are likely to be? I have no idea what to pack, how much to take on the actual trek and keep looking at the kit list wondering if I really need everything on there.


I have been looking on a weather page for the inca trails
As for packing think where going to pack as much as possible as the weather could be cold and wet hopefully it will be sunny

Are you now joining us on the Inca Trail or doing the Moonstone Trek?

Hi Kathryn, I'm doing the Moonstone. We should all meet in Cusco though. I assume we are all at the same hotel, I don't know if we have been given a name, I think it simply said "centrally located Cuzco hotel" Maybe that's the name or just a hotel in Cuzco?

There is a lot to read and I've left a lot until the last minute (including letting my bank know, then I couldn't find my secret password so it took a long time). 


Three more sleeps :-) 

Anyone else on the 19.25 flight?

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