Anyone else on this Cuba trip?

Cuba has been on my travel 'hit list' for while. There are a variety of other, longer trips but this " A Taste Of..." is the only one I could manage to fit in and I am really looking forward to it. Interested to hear from anyone else joining this trip. [Kev]


Hi there. We are really looking forward to the trip too, volcanic ash permitting! This "A Taste Of..." trip fits in well with our schedule too. Really looking forward to it. Where are you travelling from, UK? Gail & Simon.

Hi Gail & Simon. Sorry but I only just checked my eamil and got your reply so you may not get this message before we depart. Hey ho!

Thank heavens good science and sense prevailed over the volcano - I was getting distraught at the prospect if not getting away on this trip, but all looks good now. I am travelling solo from Huddersfield and will be setting off for Gatwick this afternoon for stopover tonight. Just finished packing, phew!

Have been reading guide book and other literature for ages and am so looking forward to this. I am particularly enthralled at the prospect of lots of great live music, which is a real passion of mine. But the more I read the more I wish I could be going for at least a month! The  country and culture look fascinating and there is so much to see. Still, this is all the time I have right now and Exodus pack an awful lot of experience into their trips.

See you soon


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