Anyone else Cycling Cuba 3 March?

Hi anyone reading this - am confirmed on this trip and it no longer appears available to book which I'm hoping means its full rather than Exodus are about to contact me saying "about your trip meant to depart on 3 March...". Anyone else out there coming along for the ride?

I think that I took the last place so I'm totally confident that the trip is on.  On this dull, cold winter's afternoon, it can't come quick enough! 

I'm coming too. I've done a few Exodus trips before but this will be my first cycling trip. Can't wait. Look forward to meeting you!


Really looking forward to the experience and to meeting some new people - see you in Havana!

I did that trip in March last year and absolutely loved it. Let me know if you want any tips :-)

Speaking for myself, the more tips the merrier! What problems, if any, were there? Was there anything that you didn't take but wished that you had? Were Cuban Immigration and Customs any hassle? Cheers, Geoff.

Hi - if you look at the trip reviews you should see my one from last year, which was quite thorough. Make sure you take all toiletries etc you might need as you'll struggle to get anything out here. I lost my lip balm on the first day and never found a shop that sold any. Actually you'll struggle to buy just about anything you might need out there! Customs and immigration no hassle but just incredibly slow, be prepared to wait a LONG time, especially leaving the country! When packing, do consider taking stuff you'll wear for cycling and can then leave behind for the guides - any old stuff (in any condition) they'll happily take (even your dirty shorts straight off you) - old water bottles, gloves, and even toiletries and makeup for the women. The guides will really appreciate it. Don't even think about internet while there, lots of hotels claim they have internet but it never works. Or rarely. Ipod for the long drives and possibly while cycling to get you up some of the hills! First couple of days drink LOTS of water and plenty of high factor suncream. You may also want a long sleeved top to cycle in if it gets very hot and/or you get sunburnt.Oh and give the dancing a go, even if you have two left feet. No one will care and it's great fun. Have a fab time!



Hi all, so my first time on one of these trips...any suggestions as to the best type of luggage guess is rucksack...?

Doesn't matter at all - your luggage gets transported in the bus so you can use a hard suitcase with wheels, rucksack or whatever you want.

OOOOOOOOOOOOoooohh I had my little piece of paper through the post and thought, brill another day closer, sounds like i should buy some water bottles and some more cushions for my shorts :-)


Going as well. Hopefully less snow than here in Norway

OOOOo I know flipping freezing here too, I can't wait for some sunshine yee ha!

Shellie Spilsbury


Anyone staying at Gatwick the night before and like to get together?

Would have but arranged other now :-) See ya on the flight!!

 Shellie Spilsbury

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