Anyone else doing the Dec 2011 Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam cycle trip?

And have you heard anything about the impact of flooding on the trip? - I am hoping there is still time for things to dry out a bit


Hi Karolyn,

I'm on this trip too. The flooding looked pretty bad a couple of weeks ago, didn't it? I've not checked lately but hoping it should be ok.

Have you got visas and anti-malarials and stuff all sorted? I have an ever increasing list of things I must get onto... (I'm expecting my passport back today from the Vietnamese embassy - fingers crossed).

Can't wait to meet everyone. Should be an amazing couple of weeks!


Great.  Look forward to meeting you Sarah.  My friend just got back from 2 weeks in Thailand and Vietnam and said the floods had largely receeded - it is now the dry season, so it should only get better. I think I have everything (visa, jabs) sorted (though still am not packed, and need to start as I plan to come with hand luggage only, which will require some discipline. K


Hand luggage only??? Oh my goodness. I am in awe!

Have you managed to get currency for everywhere? I've ended up getting some Thai but the rest in dollars in the hope I can sort it when we're out there. I always worry about taking far too much or far too little.

Am so looking forward to a bit of warm weather...

See you at the weekend.


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