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Anyone else escaping the jingly horror and heading to cambodia and laos?

Starting to think about what to take and getting very excited! Hopefully I'm not the only one...?!


I am also very excited and looking forward to escaping from work and routine  I have never been to this part of the world  Have you? Anastasia


Hi Anastasia - not south east asia, i've been to China and India but this bit will be new to me and somewhere thats been on my list for a long while!  How about you..?  I'm anticipating a very relaxed, chilled out, non jingly xmas in Luang Prabang!!


I have never been to Asia I have visited the Middle East and parts of North africa  but this is all new to me although it has been somewhere I always wanted to go  India and China are also places I would like to visit  I live in Greece so i will travel to Bangkok directly from Athens  When will you arrive to Bangkok? Anastasia


I can't wait either! This will be my first trip to this part of the world. I'm not going on the group flight as it was full when I booked, so I'll get to Bangkok at around 0700 local time on the 18th. I'm looking forward to meeting both of you.



Its really nice to chat to you both before we get there! i'm not on the group flight either, but arrive before they do i think...

 Anastacia my parents live in Greece - Skiathos - and its one of my favourite places in the world!

  maybe if we all get there before the others when it gets nearer the time we should arrange to meet - I have had my hed buried in my Lonely Planet for the past two weeks!


Hi Sasha and Naomi

I will arrtive at 7 am in Bangkok so if it works ou we could meet at the airport and go all  together to the Hotel Just an idea

Sasha I live in Volos the nearest city to Skiathos   What a coincidence ! Anastasia


yes maybe we should exchange mobile numbers before we get there - I think i arrive early in the morning too.


Anastacia - Volos! No way!  I have visited there a lot - what a small world!!

hi there - Naomi Anastacia Sasha

I am Christine & I will be travelling from Dubai to join the trip - my flight also arrives c0700 in the morning - I am flying with Gulf Air via Bahrain - perhaps we can persuade Exodus to collect us earlier than the UK group?

I have not been to the Far East before so I too am really looking forward to this


Hi christine - good to have another girl on the trip!  I think we arrive about the same time - we should maybe just meet at the airport and make our own way to the hotel - it will be much more fun that way!!


We can arrange a meeting point before we leave, and swap mobile numbers...


Hi Christine please to hear from another fellow traveller I thought it was only three of us!!! I agree with Sasha  Why dont we meet at the airport and make our way on our own  It will be more fun and more of an adventure  Anastasia


If any of you wishes to meet at the airport my mobile number is 00306977445426

I fly with Qatar arlines and I arrive Bangok on 18th at 7 am Flight No QR0612 Anastasia

hi there ladies

I am flying with Gulf Air & I will be arriving 0800 18 Dec - any names & nos I have I'll text when my flight has landed & whilst waiting for my luggage

 my no  - 00971 50 240 2638

I am looking forward to the trip & to meeting you all



hello ladies my mobile is 07973 131 573 - seems we are all landing between 7 and 8, maybe we should all hook up when we've got our bags?

Like many of you I will not be on the group flight - I guess it's the Christmas effect. I will be landing on the 17th at about 16:00. I will also be departing a day later than the rest of the group.

My name is Geoff and I'm currently living in St Albans (UK). I look forward to meeting you all on the 18th - and I can't wait for take off :-)


Hello Geoff, always good to see new people here!  You'll be there before us so i suggest you get the drinks in..! ;)

 No seriously,  we'll let you know when we arriv, see you there!



I'll buy the drinks - at least once ;-) At most probably twice! As always it depends on the group - how we mesh & sybolise - is that a new word? Perhaps the way I'm using it!

It'll be great to see everyone on the 18th.

 Have a great trip. . . 


Hi Geoff

I think we will buy each other a lot of drinks during the holiday Looking forward to meeting you on 18th   Have a pleasant journey

take care Anastasia

I'm sure we will, I am just looking for a great holiday and hopefully meet a few more friends. My life is a bit complicated at the moment, and a holiday is coming at just the right time. It is something I have been looking towards for three months now - less than one week to go, and I got my anti-malaria tables yesterday - so there is only the packing to go!

 See you on the 18th!



hurrah! Nearly time to go, and it looks like I'll be escaping from England just in time to avoid the snow.  Its 33 degrees in Bangkok! Looking forward to seeing you all there, have safe trips!



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