Anyone else going?


We are three friends form the NorthWest and this will be our first trip with Exodus. For my two friends, it will also be their first time to India. So fingers crossed, they will enjoy the experience :-).  A friend of mine did this trip in Oct and really enjoyed it. 

Looking forward to meeting fellow travellers on the plane or in Dehli.

The 3Amigos or the 3 Witches of the NorthWest :-)





Hi there

I am also on the trip, can't believe it's so soon!  This is my 3rd time away with Exodus, I've done China and Kenya/Tanzania with them too and only positive things to say. 

I will be on the trip with a friend I met on the China adventure.  We are flying via Dubai with Emirates so might be meeting everyone else in Delhi I think?  My flight is about 4.30pm.

First time in India for me too.  We will be going on to Mumbai and then doing another Exodus tour in the South after that - so fingers crossed we like it! 

Looking forward to it!


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