Anyone else going on Inca Trail and Amazon Rainforest 31st Jul?



Hi John - yes, we're going too. First time with Exodus, first time to South America. We did do the Everest Base Camp trek with KE 2 years ago, so a bit of experience of this type of thing, but not a lot. How about you?

John JW

Hi John. Its my first time travelling with Exodus as well. The group looks like its filling up nicely, 4 places left last time I looked.  All my hiking experience has been in Ireland and the USA, nothing as high as 2000m , so looking forward to see how I handle it.  Hows your training going? I've got some hills close to me but nothing over 800m. I'm doing the Ben Nevis challenge in June as a training exercise, should be fun.


Hi John

Sorry about the delay in replying ... wish I could say it's been because we've been so busy training! We tend to day walk most weeks, but not that far (we live by the Cotswolds), but we get over to Snowdonia every so often for something a bit more taxing. We do try to get up the local hill (a massive 200m - we can do it in 10 minutes) when we can, & in theory a few times a week, but not so much lately. That helped a lot in prep for EBC though. 


Anyone else out there coming too? 

John JW


What boots are you going to bring along for the Amazon stage? I read that the locals use Wellingtons a lot. Personally , the thought of wearing wellys for a long hike through the jungle dosen't thrill me to much. I'm a bit unsure of the effects the jungle might have on my camera , but then again when will I next be in the Amazon after this trip so I think its worth the risk if I can get some good photos.


Hi John and John,

I'm coming on the trip on 31st July.  First time with Exodus and first time to South America.  I'm not a hill walker so should be challenging but I am a gym bunny so hopefully fitness won't be an issue!

A little nervous about altitude sickness but have been told to drink 4 litres a day and a friend is giving me some hydrating sachets. 


Hi Davina

 Sorry for not replying earlier, looking forward to meeting you on the trip. See you on 31st July

All Best


Hi there,

I did this trip in 2007. For hiking in the rainforest I'd recommend lightweight non-waterproof trail shoes and a spare pair of socks. Your feet will be too hot in Gore-Tex and if water gets inside them you have had it, better to let it drain away as in army jungle boots. Although the trails are not rocky so boots not necessary. Take a waterproof bag like Aquapac for camera and poncho is essential for downpours in rainforest and on Inca Trail.



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