Anyone else going to Madagascar on the 22nd August?

Hi,I'm wondering who else is going to Madagascar on the 22nd August. I originally believed we were travelling ourselves on the Air France flight but I believe there are others now? If anyone has been speaking to friends who have gone before I would appreciate some advice on what to bring. Do I need boots or will some "approach shoes" do instead? Do I really need mosquito nets? How best to carry money, do I bring cash (£ or Euro) or will anyone accept cards? How much will I need? Cheers,Tom



Hello Tom.  I am going on the trip although not on the Air France flight.  I am flying with Kenyan Airways.  I thought I would try and answer some of your questions by letting you know what choices I have made.  re money.  I am taking Euro cash in small denominations with a few US$ as back up.  I am not intending to get any M. currency as everything I have read indicates Euros, $ and £ all perfectly acceptable.  Trip Notes indicates that cards are not widely accepted outside the capital. I am taking trail shoes (not boots) as there is not a huge amount of walking but I will probably take a walking pole for extra stability.  I have no idea about mossie nets - I guess that depends on how much you generally get bitten.  I am relying on bug spray and covering up.  Have to say that I am really looking forward to the trip.  It does sound an amazing place.

Hi Tom,We're going on this trip in October - though booked through 'The Adventure Company', I too wondered about mosquito nets. This is what The Adventure Company put in their trip guidance

"Do I need to take a mosquito net?

You should take every opportunity to avoid being bitten by mosquitoes both day and night. Mosquito nets are supplied in some accommodation but most places do not have them. It is advisable to take a mosquito net but it can often be difficult to hang them (many rooms have quite high ceilings and a lack of anything to hang it off). Taking a range of fixings may help. A plug-in mosquito repellent is a good way of cutting down the number of mosquitoes in your room overnight."

Any advice when you get back will be much appreciated :) Hope you have a great trip. 





Good news to hear that BAA cannot go on strike until the 23rd August at the earliest. I must confess I was getting a bit concerned. I’m really looking forward to the trip now that this worry is out of the way (at least outbound).


I think I’ll take the trail shoes as my boots are a bit on the heavy side. I have also bought some mosquito nets (lifesystems solonet) as it appeared to get the best writeup on Amazon. I have tried it out at the weekend and it went up quite easily in my back bedroom, however I have no idea what the hotels are like so I don’t know if there will be any fixings. I’ll try and post something on my return. I’ll take a mixture of Euro’s and pounds as I’m sure there will be little opportunity to use a card. I’ve had a look at ATM’s in Africa before and I don’t fancy trying one.


Bye for now,


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