Anyone else going one this trip?

This will be my first solo trip, so would like to get in touch with other travellers before I go.  At the moment, just the thought of a month off work is good enough.


Hey I'm off for the APX departing Friday 15th April from Heathrow, should be a great trip you doing the inca trail option? 
I'm traveling with my mum on this trip only person i knew who could afford it, amazingly difficult to people to come along, or maybe it was the money


That's why I'm going on my own.  The money plus getting a month off work seems to be a real sticking point.  I'm wimping out of the Inca trail, mainly because I've twisted my ankle recently so many times it would be daft to consider it.

Which flight are you taking?  Are you going via Madrid or New York, like me because I'm a late booker (or actually a re-booker from the cancelled May trip)?


Well originally we were on flights via Madrid and they were charging a supplement for them (nice of them) however they have informed us that the flight are now booked through KLM via Amsterdam we are leaving Heathrow (terminal 4 I believe) on Friday 15th April in the morning


Asterdam, that's a long flight, but that probably means you'll get there before me.  Are you both going on the Inca trail?  It looks amazing, but I might be glad of the rest by the time we get to Cuzco.

Less than a month to go now & I think I'm ready, already.


I believe we arrive friday evening in Lima, are you arriving saturday then?

Yeah we are both going on the inc trail, We'll definatly be needing a rest after it.

Think we have sorted out most things, probably forget a few things though usually the way cant wait for it now though 

Love to travel......goal is to go somewhere every year until I turn 75!
Hey there. I am heading out on this trip as well. Solo (assume I am sharing with someone) and I arrive in Lima from Canada around 915 pm


I'm arriving Friday night 9:20 (hopefully).  Beginning to worry because I'm packed & still have space in my case, so I've obviously forgotten something.  Really looking forward to meeting everyone & getting on the road.

Likwise but I haven't even tried packing! Remember to save room for any "takeaways"!


See you there.


We are arriving just after 6pm on friday, I'm packed and sure i've forgotten something but my bag is full up

See you all there

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