Anyone else going on PSG - Antarctica, Falklands & South Georgia?

Is anyone else booked to go on the above trip on Sea Spirit?

We're really looking forward to it though sea sickness could be a problem! I'm busy reading 'South: The Story of Shackleton's 1914-17 Expedition' at the moment.

Richard & Pauline


Hi Richard and Pauline, we are going on the same trip, also worried about Sea Sickness, but really looking forward to the trip. We start our trip from Newcastle, its going to be a long journey!!


Sorry Richard and Pauline, we are Kathy and Denise


Hi Kathy & Denise, It's getting closer! We haven't got our tickets etc yet but I'm sure they'll be here soon. We can't wait to get going! We're in Essex so a bit closer to Heathrow than you. We'll look forward to meeting you. Have a great Christmas. Richard & Pauline.

Hi Kathy and Denise, Richard and Pauline, I am John Cross and my (Canadian) partner, Patti and I going on the above trip in January 2012. I am leaving London on the 10th and will be meeting Patti in Buenos Aires. We have a couple of days there and will then be flying South to meet up with the Sea Spirit. I live in East London, Walthamstow, to be exact (which was part of Essex) and this is my 9th trip with Exodus. look forward to meeting you soon.


Hi John, We'll look forward to meeting you both next week, and Kathy & Denise.

This is only our second trip with Exodus (we went to Jordan in February 2011) but are looking forward to this one immensely. We're a little bit worried about the baggage weight allowance - doing a trial pack tomorrow - hope it all goes in!

Take care. Richard & Pauline.


Hi Richard, Pauline, John and Patti, looking forward to the trip and we are both getting very excited. We  are also worried about the luggage weight allowance and have bought a very light bag to help the cause!!  We are currently laying out everything we want to take and then we will cut down accordingly, fingers crossed, however everyone will be in the same boat (pardon the pun!).  This is our second trip with Exodus, we were in Lapland Feb 2011, that was amazing.

See you all in Argentina.

Safe Journey.  Kathy n Denise

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