Anyone else on here doing Highlights of Turkey leaving 13 June?


 Just wanted to see if anyone else is joining the Highlights of Turkey trip leaving on 13th June?  I'm travelling with the group but on my own so it's always good to know a few names!

Am excited about the trip - have never been to Turkey at all before so looking forward to exploring, especially out in Capodoccia - can't wait to see those rocks from the air!!

 Get in touch if you're coming along - would be lovely to hear from you.

See you in June.



I wiil be there - along with a friend of mine. I've been in Constantinople a couple of times before, but this will be the first time I visit the Asian part of the country. I know it's beautiful and it also has a special interest for us Greeks. I 'm sure we'll have a wonderful time - Exodus's groups are almost always so nice and fun.

Let's see if anyone else of our future  fellow-travellers shows up here!

Best regards 



Hiya.  Good to hear from you.  You're right about Exodus - the groups are almost always great.  I had two great trips with them last year and am still in contact with loads of the people I met.

Good to know that there are not just couples on the trip - I always worry I'll be the only solo traveller and people will get fed up with me hanging about! ;-)

Let's hope a few other travellers show up here - nice to have a chat before the trip.

Wonder how hot it will be? As a redhead I suspect I'll be getting out my factor 50 sunblock!


Hi again

Well, yes, I reckon that as a (real) redhead you'll have to take extra care. Me,on the other hand, as a fake redhead, I don't have to worry!Seriously now, I don't expect it to be very hot - it'll be too early in the summer. But then, it all depends on what's hot for every one of us. I guess I'm more used to it than you are...

I've traveled several times solo with Exodus (actually being with a friend this time is an exception, not the rule) and I never felt that this was a problem. So don't worry about that.

Let's see if someone else from the trip shows up here!




I've just booked for HofT.  Sounds good.  Could be hotter in 2nd week at Antalya etc.  I shall be solo also - not usually a problem.  My 1st time in Turkey.  Looking forward to 13/06.



Hi Ian

Good to hear from another solo tripper.  4 weeks to go and I need to start reading my guide book so I'm fully genned up!  Loads of friends have said that Pammukale is spectacular so that's a highlight to look forward to ...

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