Anyone else making the most of the April bank holidays?

I've just booked this (and think it departs on 20th April?).  I've had my eye on this trip for ages but didn't relish using near-on 3 weeks holiday in one go.  I'm really excited!  Is anyone else out there going?  Any advice from anyone who's done this previously?


Hi Susan, you'll love this trip, I did it a couple of years ago, I went in November and the mornings and nights were cold, very cold but the days pleasantly warm. Food is basic and gets more basic the higher up you go. I supplemented my food by taking along my own snacks such as Mars Bars and dried fruit, such as cherries from Tesco - they are good as an energy booster and as a little treat to add to your daily ration of porridge. I happen to perspire quite copiously and also took along some re-hydration tablets, again they came is very useful. Food and water gets more expensive as you climb higher so consider whether or not you intend to use bottled water all the way. Obviously a good pair of boots are essential and good base layers will prove their worth. Enjoy the trip and take care.

Hi John.  Thanks for taking the time to reply, and for all the good tips.  I saw from your profile that you've done Kili previously.  How does this compare in terms of effort and fitness requirements - apart from being a longer trip?  Also, I saw you'd left a tip somewhere else about a pee bottle.  I'm planning to take one too, and a she-wee, but being a girl, it's harder to be discrete!  How much (or rather, how little) privacy does one have in the lodges?


Thinking back, I think I found Kili that much more difficult, mainly due to the fact that the final climb started at midnight and was pretty soul destroying, however, seeing the sunrise made it worthwhile and once the sun was up I perked up a little. With this one, it is a longer trip but your fitness will improve day after day - stick to your own pace though, the racing snakes will be off out front, take your time and take it all in. Lodge wise, well, to call the rooms basic is a bit of an insult to the word 'basic' but they are functional and after a day on the mountain you will appreciate them, you won't stay in them much however as they will be cold, you sleep in them and thats pretty much it. I was fortunate to have my own room so no issues with privacy for me on that one. Only two girls came along my trip and I am sure that whoever they pair you up with will be out of the same mould as yourself (great thing about these trips) so I am sure privacy won't be too much of an issue. The toilets are not western style if you get my drift. I have opted to take a year off from walking this year and shall be cycling through Vietnam about the same time that you reach base camp. Oh, one final thing, you cannot see Everest from base camp!! you see it loads of times on the way up but it is hidden from view by the time you reach base camp.


Short listed both the Gokyo Lakes and Everest Base Camp (EBC) departing on 20 April and Annapurna Circuit (AC) going on 16 April both with Exodus. I have heard great things about AC but am worried it may have been spoilt a little by road building. Looking forward to it but gonna have to make decision soon (if anybody has any advice gratefully received). Also bit of a step up from Mount Toubkal (my prev' highest ascent) All best,

Thanks John.  I take some comfort from you thinking that this was less demanding than the Kili final summit night.  My daughter has done classic EBC and she didn't find it hard, but then that's teenagers for you!  Rob - maybe meet you on the 20th of April.  I doubt you'll regret it if you do decide on EBC and Gokyo though, particularly if you do as John suggests and you travel at your own pace.  John - enjoy Vietnam.  That also sounds wonderful. 


Hooray chose this one with a bit of a "chill out" after in Chitwan. Overall will be away 20 April - 14 May covering 5 public holidays (we get liberation day on May 09 in Jersey) looking forward to it both previous Exodus trecking trips have been excellent. See you at the airport Susan and rmarples, take care, all best, Rob

Glad to hear you decided to join us and very envious about the Chitwan extension.  I look forward to meeting you both on the 20th.  Keep in touch in the meantime.


I've had my place on the trip and flights confirmed now (flying from Manchester, though joining the group flights in Heathrow).

Chitwan extension looks good, I echo Susan's envy!



Hi All,


I am signed up too! – Its been on my wish list for a while now, so one rainy weekend I just went ahead booked it !  My recent escapes have been rather  last minute affairs … this time I am enjoying the ‘ look forward’ part of the  adventure.


 I am actually going to Scotland ( Ben Nevis area) with 10 other  ‘likeminded’ for a whole week this Friday.. so hope to use the days  for  both  kit and  body  testing ! (although I am assured the hostels in Scotland  do have western style facilities so that’s a relief!)   I am keeping fingers crossed for snow and sun  


My last trip was Ladakh  (August )  and so altitude was certainly a consideration – whilst I was not  immune to the side effects keeping to the rules ie rest , fluids  ++ , no beers , own pace etc  certainly made a huge difference and made the acclimatisation much quicker. I hope the same conservative approach works again  


Yours (getting v exited!) Dave!


( Robert - you will love Chitwan so different to the north, but still very magical )



Hey guys, booked this last week. Also doing the Citwan extension at the end. Really looking forward to it & trying to get myself fit. How many of us are there?


Welcome!  I can't believe how quickly this trip is coming around.  I'm a bit worried that I've not even looked at my innoculations certificate to make sure that my jabs are up to date, nevermind tested my boots for 'waterproofness'.  That pesky job thing keeps getting in the way.

 I've also not made it out to the hills at all, so am hoping that getting round London by bike will have me fit enough to do this trek.

I've no idea how many others will be joining us.  Anyone else know?



Hi Susan, Mark, Rob and Robert …..or should I say “Nameste”!


Phew I’m glad the string has started up again – I thought I had put a curse on it all or said something I shouldn’t! I trust everyone has had their ( little black) bag delivered? Mine came a while back and once the sleeping bag and down jacket are in it leave little space for much else – it will certainly concentrate the mind on getting some good compression bags and deciding what is ‘essential’ and what is a luxury!  


I did a quick eavesdrop on the group that are going earlier in April  – and its interesting how similar some of their thoughts are – albeit with a little more tension as their magical trip is now getting very close indeed.


I still have  a lot to sort  - is everyone else getting their Visa on arrival?– I have always done it prior to departure but this time   Exodus infer it is not worth the extra cost  ( which from outside London does mount up) and in the end it does help you get to the hotel any earlier.  Given the general unrest I am rather glad we are flying via New Delhi rather than one of the more sensitive Middle Eastern  hubs   !


Bye for now


( sorry I meant to find out total no.s on the trip but havnt as yet) 

We've planned our trip to Nepal to coincide with all the bank holidays at the end of April.  Will do the same in May/June 2012 for the Queen's Jubilee!


Dave, Susan, Rob & Robert

Ther's five of us on the community page so looks like we're a quintet unless some people haven't done the community cafe thing.

Yeah - black bag arrived, hope I don't end up coming back in it!

Looks like it's visa at nepal due to time, together with nepalese rupees!

I understand there might not be any room service laundry facility, how may changes of base layers & undies is everyone taking. Someone said it's just 2/3 of each and you get used to the smell?

 Cool, can grow some dreadlocks too if i don't wash!


I got my final joining instructions today so it's finally beginning to seem real.  I can't wait to get on that plane and start on this adventure.  

 I'm getting my visa at the airport too.  I did think about getting it here, but it's unlikely I'll be able to spare the time off work.  Rupees I'll get at the airport too.

My daughter did the classic EBC trek a couple of years ago and took loads of undies and shower gel but didn't through much of either.  She was determined she'd shower every day but managed to shower just once in 13 days.  She said they weren't allowed to shower after the 8th day anyway, as it was so cold.

For base layers, I'd advise Icebreakers as they really don't least, no-one's complained around me before!

 See you all soon...around this time in 3 weeks.


Yet another thing to strike off my "to do" list, but think it'd be prudent to take some.  Just in case!


Hi Andrea, Thanks for all the useful info - much appreciated ... espeically the Garden of Dreams - certainly looks like a place to visit ...  a massive contrast with the rest of Kat'du! What did you think of the lakes - I havent heard /know much about them at all ? ...In fact I just realised I havnt done as much reading as I should on 101  topics - best I start very soon.

cheers ( back to the grindstone)







Im afraid i cant comment on the lakes as they were frozen and covered in snow! but the mountains and passes were spectaculer i will defo be going back to do the annapurnas some day soonish? Theres a restaurant well worth going to called RUM doodles in THAMEL its good food and everyone who goes to everest bc or lakes or EVEREST biggie signs a yeti foot, wish i was back there! I  came back 3rd week of march just,,,,god i miss it already,enjoy your flight to Lukla try and be on the left hand side of the plane for the best views any thing else i can help with just ask, have fun NAMASTE X


Thanks I will certainly try for the left side! ( which will almost certainly mean I will be sitting on the right by the wing!)

I have been to Rumdoodle, and as you say its a great place  We ended up spending the eve with Nepals supposed equivelent of Robbie Williams ( not that I can stand RW)- Made the evening quite amusing . Now you are going to tell me the same and I will realise we were had .. he certainly sounded no different to the Guides singing on the trail!

Have you read the book ? - An easy read, but one of my all time favs !

Rehersal Packing this week end !!!   but will also try and make the most of the good weather that  I ordered ... looks as if Summer might be here ? 







Just getting all my gear together today and wondered if any of you knew if it was advisable to take a thermarest or similar matress?

The dossier suggests we will have beds and only need bring a sleeping bag, so it would seem there is no need for a thermarest?

Think everything else is ok, just need to decide how many clothes I need to take!

Looking forwards to meeting you all next week.



I know that we have a 12kg baggage allowance for the fligth from Kathmandu to Lukla, does anyone know if this excludes your hand-baggage/daypack? (as is normally the case with flying)

Hi Rob

No, we don't need thermarests.  Just good quality sleeping bags.  My daughter said that the group's baggage is weighed as a whole and not individual pieces, so it's probably fine if you're slightly over - as long as not everyone is!

Hope this helps.  See you all on Wednesday.




Hi Rob,

Its 12 KG  PLUS hand baggage( day sac) .I was told they are more strict on size of hand luggage rather than weight....but that will of course mean whatever you have in your day sac will be what you take with you onyour back for the trek , unless you can swap a few things between that and your black bag once we are off the plane. I echo Susans point about the potential benefits of a group "weigh in"  ( bags not people!) If you are taking poles ( I am) I am told they have to go in  black bag

See you Wednesday!!  



Thanks for the input guys. Just weighed my bag with most of what I think will be in it for the flight to Lukla (will be leaving some stuff at Kathmandu) and it came in at 9.7kg so by the time I've added in my washbag and the general 'bag of things' that I always seem to take and rarely use any of, I think I'll be at about 12kg.

Interesting read that Dave, I've heard some people saying EBC is harder than Kili and others saying the opposite!  I think the acclimitisation days will help a lot on this trek.

I took two poles to Kili and only used them on the way back from the summit, I'm going to take one pole on this trip I think.

Thanks for posting that article Dave.  Really interesting read and makes me feel more positive about getting to EBC.  I did Kili via the Rongai route and Case Two could've been referring to my group.  I turned back between Gillman's and Uhuru on the advise of the trek leader, and it really bugs me when people assume I didn't get to Uhuru because I wasn't fit enough.

I'm very impressed with you Rob.  I haven't even waterproofed my boots yet, let along begun to think about packing!  I've still got so much (office and study) work to do, before I can really begin to look forward to being in the mountains this time next weekend.  So, I'd better get back to it...


Hi I'm Eve, I am coming with you on this trek too ... only just paid up and wanted some advice as I need to buy some boots and 'stuff'... I woz looking at some brown ones but then I spotted some this ace coloured laces so I am tempted to go for those.  I dont think I could hack a sleeping bag so at the moment I am looking to cram my high tog duvet into the bag - it will do as my jacket to . One good idea I had was to take an umbrella as that could double up as a walking pole and save me buying expensive waterproofs ( I may be blond but I aint stupid!).

ps looking foerward to the apre ski ... Clubbin is my middle name

See you all at Gatwick

Eve Rest  






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