Anyone else out there?


 would like to hear from any other travellers before we go, very excited now it's guaranteed!


Hi Wendy

Just booked my place! Im really looking forward to this trip - lots of sunshine, relaxing and site seeing in order I think. Pompeii is a highlight for me even though its optional its a "must do".

ps I discovered your forum post just after I created one, so we may end up with two conversation threads (doh!)



Hi Miranda,

I was beginning to wonder if I was going on my own, lots of people seem to be going the following week instead!  Yes really looking forward to it, the case has come out of the attic anyway, so that's progress, and have some walking poles now, just need to practice a bit, preferably under cover of darkness! 

Where are you from, I presume you are going from Gatwick? (I live in Leicester, but will drive down as its an evening flight)


Hi Wendy

Wow, walking poles.. I dont have any, do you think Im gonna need some? I only booked the trip this week so havent even started thinking about packing - you are well ahead of me. Just ordered a travel guide though so thats one step closer. I will be flying from Gatwick, which is a bit of a pig to get to. Im sure we will all be sat near each other on the flight anyway but I like to try and spot people who could be on the trip before getting on the plane just for fun. 


Hi, i'm going!  Its not long now!  

Italy is beautiful & did Exodus's walking the Amalfi coast  4 years ago, amazing.  Look forward to meeting you both. 


hi Mandy,

 that's three then! I think there were about five or six women and one man when i booked a few weeks ago (brave guy).  Really looking forward to it.  It's supposed to be leisurely walking, but poles have been recommended by a couple of people, so I guess they might help.  Also hoping to get some tips on where to go next, have travelled a fair bit but not through this co. so this could be just the beginning!


Yeah, it was the same when I booked, only one guy in his 20's.

This is my 4th Exodus trip so Im kinda hooked although they could do with a few more solo trips to choose from I think. I did one non-solo one and all the couples tended not to mix with the solos, which was a shame.

I cant wait for this trip. Ive been to Italy quite a lot but this area is meant to be stunning and I think Pompeii will be really interesting.


THis will be my 9th Exodus trip & found no reason to travel with anyone else.  First Solo trip i've been on, although am travelling with a lovely friend i met on Exodus 'Land of the Tiger' trip 3 years ago & we've been friends ever since.   

Miranda,  think i've just been really lucky with my previous trips.... met a mixture of single & couples & majority all been friendly, except for last trip, but thats another story!!

Arriverderci for now! 


Hi everyone,

Sounds like there's quite a few of us booked for Saturday's departure now!  Just checked the weather forecast and it's looking warm and sunny for next week so hopefully no need for the pac-a-mac to come out!!  Looking forward to meeting you all.


Hi Jude

Ive just started packing and the pac-a-mac is in. Did consider a coat but I think I will leave that at home. I think its gonna be 20 c + next week, which will be lovely. Will be great to finally meet everyone on Saturday. Is the trip fully booked now?



Hi all,  can't wait now, finish work tomorrow at lunch, then packing!  walking boots will fill my entire hand luggage!  I've been warned that Vesuvius can be very cold and wet at the top, even when it's hot lower down, (also says this on Tripadvisor) so I'm going to take jeans and a jacket in case I want them. 

Other than that I'm going for the bit of everything approach to packing, hopefully mainly shorts and sun cream needed.

See you in Naples (or maybe Gatwick)!


I think Im gonna layer up. I got to the top of Mt Etna in a pair of flip flops and a summer skirt once - I wasnt expecting to go so was caught out big time, but actually, apart from the odd looks I was getting from the hardened walkers, it was fine. Im not suggesting anyone tries this btw!!

Jeans, pack-a-mac, fleece, padded gilet and walking shoes... oh, and Ive been told to take a brolly just in case!

See you all very soon. :-)


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