Anyone else off to see the National Parks?

As it's exactly 3 months today that we set off I thought I'd be the first to post something here.  Would be lovely to meet fellow travellers here before we depart .......


Hello Jo, My wife Pam & I are coming on this trip. We have been travelling with Exodus for over 10 years now and have been on a dozen trips with them. Each one absolutely great. Looking forward to this one as it is a special trip to help celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary which comes up in August. We visited the Grand Canyon briefly 6 years ago and wished we could have walked in it so this will be great to get the chance to do just that. We are flying from Manchester via Heathrow but arrive in San Francisco about 3/4 hour after the group flight so will probabaly meet up with you at the hotel. I asked Exodus a couple of weeks ago how many were booked on this trip and it was only 6 - including us so it looks like it will be a small group. All our other trips have been in groups of about 15 or so. Still it will give us more room to stretch out on the bus! Looking forward to meeting you.


Boyd & Pam

Hi Boyd

Lovely to hear from you and know that I'm not travelling alone (although it sounds like it will be a select few) and what a lovely way to celebrate your anniversary year.  Am sure it will be a trip to remember for all of us.  See you both in a few weeks in warmer climes!



I'm one of the six! My name is Ali and I'm travelling alone the trek is taking me to Vegas to join a friends wedding! I'm starting to panic as I leave Monday for a few days in San Fran first.
Looking forward to meeting you all and am delighted we are a small group

Just to let you know that I am now unable to go on this trip due to a recent bereavement.  Will hope to go again some other time.  Have a great time everyone.



Oh no, I am so sorry to hear that, best wishes to you and your family

Hello Jo we have just seen your message. What a disappointment, Pam & I are very sorry to hear of your loss. I lost my father last year and I still miss him greatly. He once visited Las Vegas and always said he would like to go so I will be thinking of him when we are there. Hope we can meet up on a future trip perhaps? Our deep condolences to you and your family, it is not an easy time for you. Boyd and Pam

Hello Ali, I don't know if you will see this as you have already set off. But if you login from the USA and read it, looking forward to meeting you in the hotel at San Francisco. We will probably eat in the dining room there in the evening so if you are there look out for us. I've got a grey beard and Pam has red hair! Cheers,  Boyd


I will come and find you on Saturday evening. Have a safe trip and look forward to meeting you both. I am tall with short dark hair!

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