Anyone else signed up yet


has anyone else signed up for this trip? There is a group of four of us going, and we'd like to say hi before we officially meet up.

I am signed up for this trip and really looking forward to it. Started the jabs today in preparation. I think there may be more than 4 of us going now; when I booked a few weeks ago I think it was up to 8.


Hi Sharps,

sorry for the delay replying, been a bit busy with work etc. Not long now. Are you flying from Heathrow? The four of us are. Hows the training going? I've started to push mine now, trying to lose a bit more weight before we go.

Will be flying from Heathrow after travelling from Manchester. Need to up the physical activity now I think. You a group of 4 together? I am traveling to join the group solo. Should be a cracker. Best wishes for the New Year.


Snap! We're flying to Heathrow from Manchester first. The midday BMI flight. Yes we're four together, two blokes and two girls, all work colleagues and regular walking mates. Are you on Facebook?


Hi, i am Phil's friend just wanted to say hi to Sharps.  Looking forward to the trip and also worrying about fitness, hence, been at the gym the last three days and will continue the pace till we go.

Plenty of gymn activity for me also and may try to get to the Peak Disrict for a couple of walks. Setback weight wise over Christmas! Do you live near Manchester? I am in Cheadle Hulme &'flying BA using accumulated air miles! So will see you at Heathrow.


Got the flight wrong! It's the 1255 BA flight. We're from the St Helen's, Wigan and Liverpool area. Look out for four people wearing walking boots. That's us!

Snap. There will be 5 with boots on! Any of you attempted anything on this scale before? I haven't been higher than about 2,400m in Switzerland on a day walk.


Johns been up the alps, and me and the girls have been to altitude in the Andes, Cuzco and the inca trail. The girls got to 4100 m, I'll explain why I didn't when we meet. They didn't gave any problems, but the rest of the group, who ignored the guides advice, and rushed on ahead , retreated to their tents with headaches etc. All fine by next morning though.

I fancy the Inca trail if this one goes OK From what I have read so far rushing ahead at high altitude is not a good way forward! I guess you'll have all the gear then; I am just in the process of dealing with that issue and it looks like I need quite a bit of extra stuff, especially given the temperature range


That's the problem we are all battling with, what to take?

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