Anyone else started packing for Cuba in 20 days time yet...

...or is it just me?!


I hope you (all) have a brilliant time Sara. There's bound to be a decent sized crowd of you going, otherwise Exodus wouldn't run the trip. I suspect all the others are just a bit shy.

Looking forward to comparing notes on here when we return.

So . . . have a good trip and bring us back a stick of rock.

:-) Terry

Hi Sara,


Haven't started to pack just yet, but am making sure that I have everything I need for the trip. See you in a week. I'm looking forward to escaping all the rain here in Vancouver. Where are you from?


Hi All

Haven't started packing yet either.....plenty of time yet......?!?!?!,am get a tad excitied now cant wait to go,look forward to meet you all next wk.....


I was beginning to think I was cycling Cuba on my lonesome!! Hello Dom and Orffman! I'm veering from exitement to being a bit nervous and back again. No way done enough cycling so think it may hurt  a little but definately looking forward to not having to scrape the car in the mornings! (Oxfordshire is a bit chilly today!) Can't wait to meet everyone - only 4 more days of work yey!!!!


Forgot to ask... is anyone staying in Cuba any longer? I have an extra week to recover from all the pedalling! :-)

It would be nice to stay longer in the tropics, but I have to head back to work on the 4th. Lucky you! I hope to get on my bike at least 2 days this week in preparation, but they will be short rides comparing what we will be doing.

Well I've packed (and repacked) and I'm ready to go! Although bus and plane times didn't tally so going to be sat in Gatwick for hours before departure - ah well, sure I can people watch and maybe see what else I can fit in my bag! See you Sunday folks :-)



Hi All......ha ha ha...i'm impressed sara....i've still to pack yet......yay less than 24hrs to go.......!!!was going to go out yesterday for a ride,but the heavy rain stopped that......don't think that will be a problem soon........!!!Sara is there a meeting place for everyone going at gatwick......???should arrive just after 8am.....???

Hi Dom

Biking?Whats that? Not been out on mine in ages! Eek! But hopefully,no rain won't be a problem.

My bus gets in at something ungodly like 6.30am so I'll be in Gatwick for forever! Not flown from there in ages to know where to meet but my number is 07932 065985 if you (Or any other Cuba-nites!) wanna meet first? See you tomorrow!


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