Anyone else on this trip???

Hi, is anyone else going on this trip?


Hi there! My friend and I will be attending this trip also...

 Where are you based?




I'm going too.

Is anyone wanting to do the paragliding? 


I was thinking of the scuba diving cause i'm certified, but have never tried paragliding... looks dangerous, which i like...

 You guys on facebook? We should setup a group, so we get to swap information and tips.

 We did one for when i went to mt everest basecamp... was really good.. also helps to see what the other people look like, especially on the first day at the airport...


Hi guys

We're travelling down from the Wirral to Gatwick - so excited about the trip!!!  Can't make up my mind between paragliding and diving, though i'm swaying towards diving cause it'll be much more fun to do it somewhere warm than in the uk - can do paragliding in the peak district.

Two weeks to go!!!!


didn't let me paste a picture.

 never mind

 my profile is a picture from pocket god the iphone game 


Hi everyone

 I'm on this trip too; although I am travelling there independently- is anyone else doing that?


I might bring my dive mask just in case.. but i'll probably decide then...

 My friend and I joined quite late (only two weeks ago) and unfortunately we weren't able to get on the same flights as the rest of the group, but our flight leaves slightly earlier so we'll prob just meet in turkey....

 I'm going to try and setup a FB group tonite....(IF i remember that is....heheh)

 I have a keen sense this trip will not only be adventurous... but also a boozy one! heheheh


Hi All,

 I've created a FB group for this trip.. please join..



The flight is scheduled to depart at 7.40am - what time are you guys planning on arriving at the airport? I'd say we should arrange to meet somewhere for breakfast but you may not get the best first impression of me at that time of morning!  


I got back from this trip last Monday, it is really an excellent trip - be prepared to "smell the night" with Maho! 

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