Anyone else on this trip

Me and my wife are booked on this trip excited but apprehensive who else is going?


Hello Stevejs
I am booked on a Lemosho trip on 11th Feb.Is this the same one as yours?


Hi Cooljools,
me and Angie look forward to meeting you in Febuary. Will this be your first trip with exodus? this will be our third holiday with Exodus but our toughest to date. Met really nice people on all our trips from all over the world. At the moment both of us are trying to improve our fitness.



Yes, this will be my first trip. My son will be accompanying me,he recently went up Mount Toub?? in Morocco but not with Exodus.Where else have you been? Look forward to meeting you too,but will I?About the date, is your leaving date 11th or 12th as per your note on 26/9?
I can't wait, have been looking forward to this for about 10 years!!Perhaps we are the only 4 or everyone else is very shy.


Hi Cooljools,
I have just checked my booking details, we do leave on the 11 feb, flying from Heathrow Airport. We have been to Bulgaria and to the Dolomites in Italy with Exodus.


Phew, thought we were going on our own for a moment.
Good luck with the fitness training. Just booked up my injections and will have to start getting kit together soon. Not long at all now.


Hi, Kilimanjaro has always been on the 'to do list' for me so this is my chance to cross it off. There are 2 of us on the trip as a friend has decided to tag along with me. Hope the preperation is going well and will see you in the new year.


Hi, looking forward to meeting up in the new year. I've tagged along with SamuelB to give him some support and to look out for him, as he needs all the help he can get!! Rob


Hi SamuelB and Rob
Well at least we have enough for a 5 a side v the porters now. I was beginning to wonder. Good luck with your preparations and look forward to seeing you in Feb.

Coille Bhrochain

Hi -I think all of you guys were booked on to the same trip as us. Have you just been cancelled too? Bit of a blow and so far have not been able to find a suitable alternative. Is anyone else steaming about this?


Hi Coille Bhrochain,

our trip code is TYR departing on 11 Feb 2011 is this the same as yours? We have received no notification of cancellation.



Hello Everybody

Just been on the phone to Exodus and have been verbally assured that trip is still going ahead.They will look in to it and hopefully confirm in writing before we all write cheques for the balance!!!Perhaps Coille can shed further light on this. How and when were you notified?


Just been on Schiehallion's profile and I suspect she is on a different trip to this one and just posted on the wrong one.Hopefully this will be confirmed later.


I can confirm that this trip, TYR  Kilimanjaro Climb Lemosho Route - 11-Feb-2011 is confirmed with 12 people on it and is not cancelled.

Nick Nikolsky - Trip Manager


Crikey Cooljools, your grammar atrocious! A very panicky man i'd assume. Hello to everyone else, i am in fact Cooljools aforementioned son. Very much looking forward to the climb as i've already done the highest mountain in northern Africa, Mt.Toubkal which was around 4100m. I feel the variation in temperatures will be quite a challenge on Kili, as keeping warm can drain energy even faster, which is not something that you need up a mountain! For all that are departing from Heathrow on the 11th, please feel free to wear some kind of flag or colourful t-shirt so we can meet for a pre-flight drink. Looking forward to seeing you all in just over  a month!



*is atrocious

Fell on my own sword. for shame

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