Anyone else walking in Corsica this fall?

It's still a long way off, but half the fun of these trips is the anticipation and training. I've never been to Corsica before and haven't even been in the South of France for nearly 30 years.  Last year we had our first taste of Exodus doing the Mont Blanc Hotel trip - a wonderful experience that has us keen to try this Corsican adventure.  We enjoyed the Inca Trail, cycling in the jungle and three days whitewater rafting in Peru a few years ago.  As well we like to take advantage of the great opportunities for skiing, hiking, cycling and mountain biking in the Canadian Rockies.

Looking forward to meeting you and to hearing about your favorite adventures.

Robin and Rick in the Rockies 

Well a last minute decision means that I am now booked on the trip and counting down the weeks!!

I've never been away with Exodus before but have done a couple of trips with similar companies - most recently Meru & Kilimanjaro in February.  I'm off for a weekend to the Bernese Alps in Switzerland in early August with friends so that should help with the training for Corsica.  I have some friends who did part of the GR20 a few years ago and found it a little tough so I need to get my hill legs in working order :-)

 looking forward to meeting everyone

Karen x


Hi, thought i'd say hello and say that my husband Gary and I are joining the trek in September along with some old friends Nicky and Keith. We have been on holiday a couple of times to Corsica with the kids but we are talking sun sea and scrabble !. Gary and I are total novices to trekking but are plodding up and down mountains in the Lake District at week-ends to ensure we keep up with you all (does 36 holes of golf count as fitness training? Gary seems to think it does !) Can't wait for the challenge , and hopefully a lot of fun.

Hi Karen and Ruth,

Today we had our third hike of 2011 and all three have involved lots of snow.  What passes for spring here is very late this year.  Today we picked a trail that we thought might not have too much snow on it - south facing and on the Eastern edge of the rockies.  Everyone else had the same idea. It was like the slush cup at the end of the ski season.  There was even a wedding about to happen at the top!  We met several of the groom's friends who were all wearing black T-shirts with Tuxedo fronts printed on them.  If the bride was up there, she was disguised as a hiker.  Maybe she was going to arrive by helicopter?

The view at the top was spectacular.  It was the first time we have done this particular hike without a strong, cold wind at the summit, so we enjoyed lounging in the sun for a good,long lunch.  Our trusty hounds (two Shiba Inu) had a lovely time trying to mooch tidbits from everyone else picnicing up there.  By the time we headed down, the sun had softened the snow and made it very slippery.  Luckily there was still so much of it that falling down (which we did many times) was not painful.

Tomorrow's plan is to ride our bicycles to a bakery.


Robin in the Rockies


Robin, sounds an idyllic day. I had a lovely w.e with a girlfriend in the Midlands , we enjoyed a long but totally flat walk along the river Severn and returned to our rented cottage by steam train (an unintentional bonus!). Back to the chores today but planning the next foray !. Gary is taking his staff away for their annual adventure this week-end, this year its the Lake District and he's leading a walk !  we planned and walked it a few months ago  so I hope it all comes back to him! We also have a dog but she is a sedentary, elderley and rather dopey Miniature Schnauzer she puts her paw over her lead and sits if you go more than 300yards !

Enjoy your week


Ruth on the Wirral 


AArrgghh, sounds like you will all be super fit, I'd better get up a few hills. Look forward to meeting you all in Sept.


Hi Ruth, Karen, Dave and anyone else who reads compass cafe at the last minute, 

Back in March it seemed as though September would never come and all of a sudden, here it is.  It has been really fun looking forward to the trip -- reading about Paris, our post trek recouperation destination and trying to become fit enough that we can actually enjoy Corsica rather than enduring a painful adventure.  I was a bookworm rather than an athletic type in my early life and at my age I think it probably takes longer to be able to happily do longer distances and greater elevation gains, so probably younger or more athletic people don't need as much preparation.  This probably means you, Dave.

To be frank, "training for Corsica"  has become our best chore-avoidance excuse ever.  There are weeds in our garden that are 3 feet high and decks that need staining and cupboards that should be cleaned out and reorganized, but when we consider doing these things we tell each other that we really need to train for Corsica and off we go.  What a brilliant, four-month excuse!  We'll be counting on you all to help us come up with another one for next year.  The Bernese Alps and Kilimanjaro sound like great candidates, Karen.  Of course we may decide that this whole Corsican adventure has been too much like hard work and may need to look for something less challenging than Kilimanjaro.

We did a really glorious series of hikes last long weekend in Glacier National Park (the Montana one, not the Canadian one). There were shuttle buses which allowed us to do a long pair of hikes on the same day - Swiftcurrent Pass and the Highline Trail.  If we hadn't been getting ready for Corsica, we would have done them in reverse order in order to have more down than up.  The first climbed past a series of glacial lakes and waterfalls.  We saw a grizzly and two cubs.  As we continued up the Highline Trail it felt almost like a ridgewalk without the vertigo and the wildflowers were AMAZING.  All the seasons were represented in profusion - half an acre of glacier lillies, anemones, bear grass, clouds of forget-me-nots, pentstamon, blue gentians, larkspur, Indian paintbrush, blanket flower,  asters....  It's possible to be drunk on a combination of fabulous views and wildflowers.

Another grizzly galloped past us in yesterday's scramble.  It's probably good that we'll be in Corsica for the late season hiking.  A lot of the berries the bears would normally eat are not going to ripen before the first frost.  Until this year I would have told you that I had never seen a bear on the trail, but had only seen them from my car while driving past on the highway. 

I have no idea how I'm going to fit everything I want to bring for this trek and our Paris R&R into the airline weight allowances.  I hope we can have laundry done in Corte - but it looks like we'll be there on Sunday.  Would a laundry in Corsica be open on Sunday?  

Looking forward to meeting you all but at this moment a little desperate,

Robin in the Rockies

PS I liked your gentle leg-pull, Ruth.  I had to look up "the Wirral" on Google. 






Robin in the Rockies


Was having a quick browse when I recognised that name. So jealous you are off to Corsica. I considered it but decided on a less strenuous trip to Tuscany instead. Good luck and please can we see your picture on the Web?


Tracey from Mont Blanc Tour 2010 x 

Robin in the Rockies

Hi Tracy!

What fun to hear from you!  

Tuscany sounds like a lovely idea.  Would you recommend it?  When did you go?   

I'll be happy to share pictures. Do you still use the hotmail address from Don and Celeste's list? (Rick's is wrong on the original list.  There should be an underscore between his first and last names.)




Robin in the Rockies

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