Anyone going? Atlas Descent??

Hi, just about to book this!  Anyone else going?


Hi, yes I signed up last week.  Looks interesting. I did the 'Tuscany Singletrack' in July and felt like another week of pure mountain bike!  Look forward to meeting up with everyone. 

Hi, yes exciting isn't it?  We did the weeks dog sledding in March and loved it!  I love road biking, however am relatively a novice on the mountain bike, but will hopefully fit in a couple of rides before we leave.  Are you a serious mountain biker?


Yes, this trip sounds really interesting.  I'm normally a road biker, but I also love the mountains so mountain biking seemed a good way to combine the two.  I survived the Tuscany Single track (admitedly having 'face planted' on one downhill section!), have never been to Morroco before so this trip sounded fun and challenging! Don't worry - its easy to convert to MTB!  Where was the dog sledding??

Hi the dog sledding was at the Arctic Circle.  We flew to Stockholm and then up to Kiruna - it was really great and we met a nice bunch of like-minded people whom I've just emailed to tell them about our next trip! Our nearest hills for mountain biking are the Quantocks so we've booked a days guided biking in Oct so hopefully will get to grips with the bike and descending. Where are you based?


I'm British but currently working for a bank in Tbilisi, Georgia (that's just south of Russia, not the US state).  I know somerset well as have family in the region...looking forward to meeting up on the trip!


Realised there are a couple of discussions for the the dept 6th Nov group. So wanted to say hi as this is my 1st trip with Exodus and you guys seem to have been with them before.  If it helps I am also more of a road biker but have been out on the mountain bike much more since signing up. Im from Bristol and see a few of you are from Somerset way.  I presume we will be getting info about where and when to meet this week?  Presuming we will need to be at Hrow around 3pm on Sunday? 

Looking forward to meeting everyone


Hi, sorry have not replied to any messages, been in Cornwall for the last two weeks and where we are there is no reception!  We are coming from near Taunton Somerset, and yes I presume 2 hours before flight on Sunday.  Am slightly worried as have not had time to get jabs:(  I did get an email re a change of flight time but have not replied.  Am hoping have got the right kit as normally a road biker.  Am emailing someone who has been on the trip today and will get back to you all with his answers! Linda


Hi Linda, I havent had my jabs, though think my tetenus is up to date. So long as the basic ones are up to date you should be fine! I'm taking my road bike tops as the pockets useful & road bike shorts, though got a pair of mountain bike shorts too.  Will prob take one long pair for if its cold in the mornings, otherwise trying to stay positive and hoping it WILL be hot during the day!


Just had a little panic today that I still havent had final flight info, ie the e-ticket.  Is it just me or have they forgotten me?!! i have just emailed Exodus to ask as I dont have any final information and an airline ticket!! Anyone else in the same situation?  Joining instructions say you get it all a couple of weeks before departure, now only 4 days till departure!


Hi Vicki Received mine 12 Oct via email.  Our rep is Beata Wronka on08458639643, spoke to her yesterday. 

Other Notes! Re currency chap I spoke to brought sterling out with him and changed it in Morocco.  Re weather they had first snow on the mtns last week, so cold at night.

See you all Sunday/Monday!!

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