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Anyone going going to Kenya Tanzania & Zanzibar

Hi I'm Mark, would be good to hear from anyone booked up on the kenya, Tanzania & Zanzibar trip.  I cant wait to go!

Hi Mark!

I am also booked on this trip! Very excited too...can't believe it's next month already!! I made my list of what I need to pack today! ha ha :) putting me right in the mood although I am supposed to be studying and thinking about the trip is really distracting me!


Hi Mark & Karen ,

I'm booked on this trip with my friend Hayley. We both went on an Exodus trip to Sri Lanka in February & had a brilliant time!!!! Looking forward to Africa now after Christmas!

I can't wait! I am travelling alone so it's good to know there are other people on the trip :) Sri Lanka must have been amazing! Would love to get there one day!


Hi Karen & Charlotte!

The trip will be so good, were going at the best time of year to see all the animals! Have you had all your jabs and got everything you need? I need to get a good camera!

 Im also going on my own, I've never done anything like this before. You may also like to hear that my friend went on this exact trip a few years ago and absolutely loved it. (There are 1 or 2 things that have changed as he got a boat from Dar Es Salaam to Zanzibar but the majority is the same), plus he never went in migration season.

Im definetly going on the Hot Air Balloon over the Senegeti, are you two doing it as well ?

I love Africa!!!! have spent quite a lot of time in South Africa and have done some voluntary work there.  Never been to Kenya and Tanzania though! I'm getting a new camera after xmas, need to sort my jabs out and I am not a fan of needles so been putting it off! :-S but yes I really want to do the balloon over the Serengeti think it's quite expensive but once in a life time experience!!!!! Have a long list of things I need to buy and do before going!!!!!

 I am on countdown! I make it 39 days! whoo hoo!!!!!!


That sounds so cool. I love South Africa, I went to Cape Town in March it was excellent.  You should book your jabs soon, as you need a break between them.  make sure you have the Yellow Fever jab as you need the certificate to get into Tanzania.

Ive only ever camped twice (at two music festivals) but it should be cool, especially as it wont be raining

Are you getting your VISA's when you get there? Looks much more expensive to buy online! :-S


Er I actually forgot all about VISAs ! Do we need a VISA for all 3 countries? Im going to have to look it up?  Have you got Insurance yet through Exodus? Again i've not got that either

we need VISAs for keny and tanzania...does say we can get them at the airport or get them beforehand may email to see best option! I've booked through insure and go...i've always gone for more specialist companies but it appears insure and go are now offering similar things! Including ballooon safaris for cheaper premium ;) ...I would get your insurance asap as it will cover for cancellation too! So how does this all work..I assume we are met at the airport...bit nervous about travelling alone! Have booked my jabs and they've told me I have to take the typhoid vaccination as a tablet :-S as the previous injection didn't make me immune!!!!!


Ok ill email them anyway as ill get insurance in the week and ask about the visas.

Yes everyone going on the trip should be on the same flight unlesss there are people already in Kenya, i guess we will meet our guide in Nairobi when we land. have you ever travelled alone before? We can meet at the airport before we fly. Good you've booked your jabs, what Malaria tablets are you having? im taking Malerone as they have less side affects, and only have to take them a day or two before we go

good plan! let me know what they say about the visas! Yeah sounds good I travelled a bit by myself in South Africa but was actually pretty horrendous as I nearly missed a flight in Jberg and had no money and no contacts and no phone! I've taken malerone before I didn't get any side effects with them....but took doxycycline once and I burnt really bad! However I will definitely be taking something! I'm currently nursing a very poorly lad with malaria and possibly typhoid! He's just come back from Malawi!!!!!!!


Ive sorted my insurance, just waiting for a response about visas.

 You were really lucky you made the flight!  My cousin had Malerone and had no problem with them.

Thats well bad did he take tablets and have the typhoid vaccination?

Not sure...he wasn't very chatty! Could barely get a word out of him! Do you know what you are doing about the VISA's yet? I'm really not prepared at all! I am trying to do an essay but not getting far with it and it's due 2 days before I go! Can see myself leaving everything to the last minute! :-S


Merry xmas!

Yes i emailed them about my visas, it was 50 USD each for Kenya and tanzania when you arrive. (ill copy and paste the whole email when im back to work, as its on my work email).  Ive also read someones comments on the holiday that you have to pay using a 50 dollar bill only and they dont accept lower denominations.

Im the same at leaving things to the last minute, have never been a fan of essays! im borrowing a backpack and getting a sleeping bag. Going to have to buy suitable trousers as well.


I'm glad I've found this forum, I'll be on this trip as well!!! My name is Naomi :)

Anyone else slightly panicking at how soon it will be??

Happy Xmas too! It's due in 2 days before we go....All I want to do is get excited about this holiday and all I can think about at the moment is this essay! Had my yellow fever this morning...not as bad as I thought!!! I am getting organised for the holiday though got a new camera for xmas!!!!Have got most bits and pieces...just need to pack them!!!


Hi Naomi, Are you going on your own as well?  have you got everything you need yet?

Im not panicking as such, im really looking forward to it, but i still need to get a few items. 

 Karen-What type of camera did you get? im either getting an SLR or Bridge. Have you had all your other jabs as well?

 This is from exodus regarding the visas:

For both Kenya and Tanzania you will be able to get your visa upon arrival. You will need US$50 for each country and you will need to pay in dollars.


Hey Mark, yes I am heading over on my own so feeling a mixture of excitement and nerves even though I've travelled on my own before this is just a whole lot different. My camera arrived just this morning, it's not a DSLR but it'll do the job for me :) . I'm all vaccinated and just needing the malaria tablets and a few more clothing pieces really. Plus a large SD card of course.

Will there be a meeting point at Nairobi airport does anyone know?

Hi too Naomi! :)

I've got a bridge camera  Mark (not that I really know how to use it!! I turn it on and I can press the button to take photos so that will do ha ha!

I am currently working my way through the typhoid tablets and have ordered my malorone took doxycycline in the past but burnt really badly!

 I guess there will be someone stood in the bit where we come out of departures with a sign...but we could all try to meet at Heathrow first? Now I have my Exodus luggage  label I'm sure everyone will be easy to spot!


Heya Naomi & Karen,

Im just going to get a camera with a good lens. Ive got the exodus label in the post as well. We should be able to meet at Heathrow. Ill be wearing my walking boots!

Ah!!!!!!!!!! I am currently getting way too excited! Won't be long until I can say this trip is this year rather than next!! I'm already thinking about where to go in March too somehow seem to have saved all of my annual leave up for the end of the year! I am counting down, 11 shifts left at work! :)


Hey Karen, Where are you thinking of going to? I must admit of thinking of booking a late cross country skiing holiday with exodus.

Have you thought about how much cash your taking and in which currencies? Im going to look at some reviews and see what they say

Not sure yet...thinking of doing some voluntary work somewhere but quite fancy Venezeula!!! I am definitely taking US dollars I think they are easier to exchange than travellers cheques...need to look into kenyan shillings...I'm  worried I'm going to forget something important!!!


Hey karen,

Have you had a good start to the New Year? Ive got my bag now (borrowed). Im getting my camera tommorow, its a bridge with x24 zoom. Ive just spoke to exodus, there are 15 people on our trip. I confirmed that they sent a E Ticket to my email. I dont think I've forgotton anything, Oh im going to get some USD and Kenyan Shillings, ill read up on whether to take Tanzania or Zanzibar currency. Oh ive still got to get some walking trousers, but im getting them from Blacks.

Indeed I have just got a new job! Good start to the year! I've bought some dollars and kenyan shillings...(I had to order these...) the post office couldn't get hold of any Tanzanian money so I'm going to go to a shop called Euro (I think thats what its called) got told about it from an African girl at work who said a friend had gone there to get some Tanzanian money. I have 4 shifts at work to go :) but still this essay to do and still need to sort quite a bit of stuff out! What about you?


Thats good news you will have to tell me about it when we meet! I've not heard of that shop, we will probably be able to change it up in Tanzania, plus they accept USD there.  Ive still got to get a few thing like currency, memory card, walking trousers and some randoms, shouldn't take long though. Im booking an exam at late notice this week for FSA Financial Regulations. It is a cure for insomnia!!! I finish work on friday as well. Ive also got a bit of a cold, which will hopefully go soon and if not the hot weather will soon get rid of it.  How many words do you need to do for your essay?


Only a week to go!!! I spoke to exodus last week & they advised to pre book with them if anyone wants to go on the Serengeti balloon safari. I've emailed them and asked if they can pre book me onto it & if they need a deposit. Anybody else fancy it??

Definitely!!!!I think that is what I am most looking forward to! If we can pre book I will put my name down! :) Mark today is the only day I can do it now! :-S pressure is on! I'm doing a literature review...I have done about 800 words but I need to do!!! AH!!!!!! I can't concentrate with this trip coming up! Might have to put a bit of Totos Africa on! On repeat! ha ha! So is your exam this week?!!! This time next week we will be warm! Hurrah! :) I am sooooo excited!!!!!


Im defeinetly going to the the hot air balloon, thanks for letting me know, ill call exodus tommorow about paying a deposit for it.  I did read on one of the reviews that they only do a limited number of trips every day in it, so its worth putting down a deposit if poss. Good luck on the essay!  I was never any good at them! I know that song! Yes should be im going to book it tommorow.  i was looking at the weather for nairobi, looks warm (24-29c), with a bit of rain. Zanzibar is very warm with thunderstorms, take a look at the bbc weather.

Mark, can you tell them I would also like to prebook please? :) I'm on a long day at work tomorrow (in a hospital so I never have time to call anyone!) I'll try to ring them Tuesday afternoon or Thursday!!!!! Cannot wait for the warmth!! I've just got to 1200 words...slowly getting there so bored of it now!!!!


Hey Karen, I emailed them not got a response yet, ill call them tommorow.  I let u know what they say.

Im packing my stuff on wednesday so i have time to get anything else i need


Hey Charlotte and Karen, I called exodus, its not possbile to book up the safari beforehand or even put a deposit down. You have to book it locally when were there. Oh also on the first place we stay they have a swimming pool near a lake :) Check the flight instructions which tell you


I emailed Marta Maciejewska who is the exodus lead for our trip & she is checking the availability of the balloon trip for me with the local tour operators & said she would email me back today. She said it would be £295 to pay in advance but we would be refunded in full if the trip is cancelled due to weather etc. her email is [email protected]. I'll let you know when she emails me back!


Oh perhaps i have been given duff information. I cant remeber the ladies name i spoke to, but she double checked i couldnt even give a deposit. lets see what Marta says :)  I cant wait for this trip, have you got everything you need?

thanks guys! Cannot wait! Saving my packing until the weekend as still essay writing whoops!


After lots of emails it turns out Marta got it wrong!!! She emailed me today to say that the balloon trip is booked locally when we get there & we don't prepay for it! It's $495 US so bring your credit cards! X

Is anyone worried about the snow?! Do you all have far to come from to get to Heathrow? I'm even contemplating going up to the terminal tomorrow night just incase there are any problems with the roads or trains saturday...really hoping there aren't!!!!!  I so need to start packing! :)


I live in Essex, so its about 30 mins to liverpool street then im getting the central line and piccadily line. Only problem is there is something wrong with the trains on saturday as ive got to change at stratford according to greater anglia website. Im praying the trains are working.  what time are you planning on getting to heathrow? im thinking about 2 ?  I dont think we can check in online? if im wrong can you let me know. Where are you coming from? im not planning on spending more money on a hotel for thenight in heathrow. ive done the packing got 15kg stuffed in my bag and got a second bag with a few other bits in for the plane

wow! 15kg! Wish I could pack that light :-S always have this problem! I'm coming from Camberley hoping to get a lift I think this is the first time ever I've not wanted it to snow! I'm aiming to leave about 1-2 ish just incase the roads are bad...I really really hope not! I don't think we check in online it says nothing in the info about it so I'm not! I got my essay in today and have done most of my packing...I think! Just need to find my sleeping bag liner and sort out my music!!!! I'm really wishing I didn't have to go to work tomorrow! Have you done your exam?


I think 15kg is the limit for flying from Tanga to Zanzibar (or you have to pay more).  Im sure i saw it in someones review. Thats good on the essay! Ive got my iphone for music, but its rubbish so the battery wont last long. ive put the exam back to when i get home, perhaps not my best idea, but i wernt able to book it. Oh I found out Liverpool street is closed tommorow so im going to have to get the Central line at stratford

I have been looking at the appears that only european flights are being cancelled at present! Thanks Mark will try and check in also tonight! If anyone fancies meeting up at the airport my mobile is 07834 064294 would be good to have some company if delayed for ages and I can't spot the Exodus tags! ha! I'm nearly packed now just finished work going to put all my heavy stuff in my carry on luggage and hope for the best!!!!!!

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