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Anyone going to Mt Toubkal 30th Sept 2012

Hi, there's no postings for this trip yet so i thought i'd start the ball rolling. anyone on this trip???

Hi there!

Yep, my wife Bev and I are going and looking forward to it very much. this is my THIRD attempt to do this trip, so fingers crossed this time!! Tell you the full story sometime on the trip. We've done Austria and Spain together and I've also done Switzerland and Machu Pichu.

Dave S


Hi, sound like you have both done a fair bit of walking. Any tips for this trip as you are having a another crack at it? I'm counting the days and cant wait. where are you flying from?

Regards Stu

Hi Stu,

sorry for the dealy in replying - been away.

We are flying from Heathrow. As far as tips are concerned, I'm always reluctant to give them as what suits one doesn't suit another but Bev and I would recommend you travel with with your boots on, use your day sack as carry on luggage and in it make sure you have your waterproof jacket and legs and enough stuff to get you through a couple days (just in case your hold baggage goes missing - happened to me once!) Also take immodium and loo roll - just in case and make sure you can carry at least 2 litres of water each day that you will have sterilised with chlorine diox tablets. Looking forward to meeting you - looks like we may the only ones using the cafe to chat.



I'm flying from Heatrow as well, i'll look out for the Exodus bag. Thanks for the tips. Shame no one else has posted any comments, i'm sure everyone will get chatting when we are together. 14 days and counting!!


Looking forward to meeting you Stu. Bev and I trying to plan what clothes to take and its a bit awkward as we are neither summer or winter. We have decided to take 4 season sleeping bags and a travel pillow each with warm clothes for the evening and hoping to be walking in shorts during the days. the hotel looks pretty good. Have been on their web site and its worth a look. they seem to be very proud of their swimming pool as most of the photos feature it.

13 days and counting now.......




Likewise, i'll be packing this weekend and buy all my last min bits next week, hopefully wont have to get much. Reading some of the other forums, people seem to be traveling light, i was under the impression it would be getting pretty cold as we get closer to the top. Read some of the comments about the hotel, some people like it some dont but i'm their for the walking really. Dont think i'll be leaving anything at the hotel though. Won't be wearing my shorts if i do you might have to get some stronger sunglasses!!!

Hah ha! Have sunglasses .... we wanna see em!!!We think it may well be cold at night and first thing in the morning but hopefully warm up as the days go on. Ive spoken to Amanda at Exodus HO about the quality of the tents as we are worried after reading a report last week. She assures us that although we are the end of the season, the tents will be properly repaired if necessary and they WILL have a spare just in case. We are all packed and dont weigh more than 30 kilos between both of us. Like you Stu, we wont be leaving anything at the hotel. We are taking nuts and bars etc for snacks along the way. Looking forward to meeting you. 



Hi Stu, Bev and I are sorry but we wont be seeing you on this trip - Bev was taken to A&E last weekend with severe chest pains. Alls OK but it has left her very washed out and although there is nothing wrong with her heart, she has been left with continued pains that will last for up to 6 weeks. She's having trouble going up our stairs let alone trekking at altitude.

 Sorry we won't meet you and we wish you good luck and hope you have a great time.

Cheers, Dave S


Hi Dave really sorry to hear that, glad things are okish, may be another time. Just packed ready for tomorrow. Take care both of you. Regards stu

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