Anyone going or been?

Anyone out there got any tips for a camping safari in Kenya and Tanzania? Or anyone going?

Can anyone tell me whether or not it is worth taking your own sleeping mat? Thanks


Just booked this trip. Can't wait. I'm coming from Canada. Does anyone have info on your flight out of Zanzibar? I assume you will fly back to Nairobi then on to your home destination from there? Thanks!


I'm going on my first safari 16th Feb 2013, anyone recommend what size zoom lens I should take ? Thanks

Paul, i'm on safari on Feb 16th too and was wondering about lenses also. I have a choice between my 175-500 or 15-250. I would really like to take the larger of the two but have decided on the smaller simply for ease of packing and carrying about. Also I need a tripod with the 500 and don't want to have to lug that about aswell.


Hi Countryrose, good to know someone else is travelling on the same date ! I have never been on safari before so I hope to cover all my photographic requirements without packing the kitchen sink. I'm intended taking a Nikon D3100 camera with a 18-200 and a full frame D600 with a 120-400 ish zoom, haven't bought the D600 yet but hoping it can be used similar to my D3100 so giving the option of the 120-400 being 180-600 equivilant. Sorry if it sounds a little nerdy but I love my photography and have been looking forward to this trip for a while! Have you any thoughts on clothing ? I don't want to dress 'Indiana Jones' but don't the Ace Venturor look either, I trying to think of an 'inbetween look' haha


I'm happy to have camera nerds on the trip!  Look forward to seeing everyone in a few weeks. Madmadge: thanks for the heads up (ha ha!) about the pillow.



I was thinking of taking probably 3 pairs trousers that convert into both crops and shorts, a few vests/t-shirts and 2 or 3 overshirts that repel bugs. hopefully get away with 3 pairs footwear in total, a couple scarves for heat/ dust etc. a hat and a couple of slightly smarter things for Zanzibar at the end, (trying to keep to neutral colours for the safari part)

obviously include binoculars,  cameras, sunglasses etc. but that was my main packing list I think. Hope that helps.


Is your travel company recommmedning you get your Kenya and Tanzania visas before you go or when you enter the country? Thanks!




Sounds like a good selection of clothing, I'am only going on the 8 day Kenya classic, still haven't heard from any fellow traveller yet ! Enjoy your trip


I was reading in the guidelines and it says that you can get visas at the border into Tanzania and when you arrive at Nairobi so that was what I was going to do. I know someone who's been to Tanzania before and she said she got her visa when she arrived.


I know you can get the Kenyan visa when you arrive at the airport in Nairobi. I just don't want to be the only one without a visa for Tanzania and risk holding up the group.


Have just read the guidelines again and it definately says that you can get the visa for Tanzania at the border at a cost of US$50 for British Nationals and for US citizens it is $100. I think I am going to phone just to make sure though and if it is anything different then I will let you know. Otherwise I will be getting my visas on arrival.


Thanks, I sent an email to Exodus as well. It's almost three times the cost to get them in Canada.


Here in selfoss iceland are 8 friends going on this trip
Happy to se what you are talking about this are the same things we are thinging, cloth and sleeping matter (pillow,mat and sleeping bag)


I'm just getting my visas when I arrive. Look forward to meeting everyone in a few weeks!

I have heard back from Exodus and will definately be getting both visas when I get there.

Just not sure what shoes to wear now as we don't seem to have access to our daypacks according to Marta from Exodus. Don't want cold feet in morning in sandals but likewise son't want hot, sweaty feet in something more substantial when it gets hotter later in the day.

 Anyone any thoughts on this? Probably seems a silly thing to ask but I don't want to be taking too many things in my bag.

I no wot u mean about the nerds and their cameras!! i thought I was doing well with my pocket kodak when I went, but seriously, if u can borrow a pair of pocket binoculatrs u wont regret it!! Also as handy as the pillow!! Ps, I took a few cheap t-shirts and shorts, wore them a few times, then gave then to the locals! I had a lovely empty bag when i got back!!!


I have to admit to being a camera nerd.....but I do like the idea of leaving the locals t-shirts and shorts, something I didn't think about but will certainly do. I am a safari virgin so still have lots to learn !


I look forward to getting photography tips! I'm hopeless.  Re clothes: I bring  old tshirts from runs/walks or old exercise clothing - not cotton but the synthetic kind. It washes and dries easily and is good in hot or cold temperatures. And I also tend to leave everything behind  (because people appreciate it and because I'm sick of wearing the same clothes for two weeks :)

Thanks for the tips on leaving clothing behind - I wouldn't have thought of that but it's a great idea. I'm also a safari virgin so any hints and tips are gratefully recieved...


Its getting gloser...the trip of a life time

It will be nice to meat you all next sunday.

the group of 8 from selfoss Iceland


Can't wait to meet you all. Look forward to learning some Swahili and Icelandic!

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