Anyone going on trails of the turquoise coast? 14th May

Would be great to hear from anyone going on this trip. Looking forward to it!

Well I'm doing this trip in September and looking forward to it. Do you get out on a bike much? I've ben getting back into mountain biking and am loving it - so much more variety than simply on the road..


I haven't got out much over winter to be honest. I prefer it to road personally but tends to be more trails than mountains, so I'll be reserving judgement on the climbs involved. What do you reckon?

Well I've been on some other Exodus trips rated Mod and Mod/Challenging and not trained at all; so a moderate level of fitness will carry you through, but can leave some quite hard work to be done when the time comes. Looking at the TC trip I think that some raised level of aerobic fitness will make the experience more enjoyable. Groups vary, but I've been suprised by the relatively high level of fitness of many participants. But if you are out on your bike fairly regularly then I'm sure you'll be fine.


Thanks for the pointers. I think it is a good way to kick off a summer on the bike!

Yes, it's a good time of year. Where do you ride? Ever tried any events?


Hi, I'll be joining you on the 14th. Looking forward to it. Love the descents but struggle on the climbs a bit.  Not sure what peddles to bring (if any). If i the climbs aren't too rough I like my spds but have a habit of foot-faulting on the rough climbs. What are the peddles like on the bikes there?  Paul


Good to hear from you Paul. Yeah I'm really looking forward to it and just not thinking too much about the climbs either (which I may live to regret). I also much prefer the down hill bit! I am just going to take my saddle, a decent set of flatties and spds (I'm just gonna see how it goes over the week - cover all options). No idea what the pedals are like out there I'm afraid but I'm sure they are fine enough. Depends how much of a bike tecchy/into the kit you are really. I am pretty ignorant of these things, just want to get out and have fun! I'm hiring a bike out there so my worry is more about the frame size as I have a pretty small bike in the UK. I assume you are hiring too then?


Still looking forward to it. I think i'm going to bring my flats and spds. Prob good idea
to bring my own saddle. One fly in the ointment is I came off yesterday and dislocated my shoulder. I hope it will be ok by then but its put a stop to my training so I hope those climbs aren't too bad!. Seeing the ortho surgeons next week and hope its not too bad.


Oh no, that is a pain! Hope the shoulder sorts itself out. I think it should still be a good holiday regardless of the climbs. I'm just focusing on the sunshine and all the different things to see along the way. I think that is the way to go. My view is there is always the support van/broom wagon! I'm sure I shouldn't think that way :-) I'm not going to have much time to get out this weekend, so I could be in the same boat at this rate. Either way I'm still looking forward to it too, it will be a good start to the summer and good to be in the fresh air for a week. Have you been anywhere with Exodus before?


Been to Peru on a walking holiday with them and was very impressed. 

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