Anyone going on this trip?

Hi Just booked onto this holiday and would love to hear from fellow travellers.  My first Exodus holiday so really excited but also have a bit of trepidation.


Hi Lynn

My wife, Christine, and I are joining this ride in Bangkok as we're travelling in New Zealand and Australia beforehand.  We've done an Exodus trip to Jordan before and it was brilliant - people from all walks of life but all like-minded in that they were all up for anything and all joined in with the fun.  We're looking forward to it but we'll have to do some serious cycling in Australia otherwise we will be getting quite saddle sore!

 See you then


Hi Stuart and Christine

I'm trying to get some cycling in but what with the snow and cold weather over here it's not been easy.  Look forward to meeting you both.



Hi Lynn and Stuart and Caroline

I am booked on the trip and it is also my first Exodus trip. Really looking forward to it. I am a solo traveller and I am from Leeds but have lived in the Midlands more recently.

Like Stuart and Caroline I am currently travelling in NZ and Aus. I have just completed the Central Otago Rail Trail in NZ which was a lovely gentle warm up. Also looking to do a bit more prep in Australia.

I have sorted my Vietnam visa in NZ but not sure what to do about Cambodia. Wondered how you guys had managed this? 

Looking forward to meeting you all




Hi Christine

For some reason I have renamed you Caroline. Sorry about that!


Hi Nigel

 Nice to hear from you.  Feeling a bit left out not being in Aus or NZ.  I've also sorted my Vietnam visa but was advised by Exodus advisor to leave Cambodian Visa until there.  Apparently it's easy to obtain it when we arrive. 

Have gone out on my bike a couple of times in good old Britain but weather not ideal.  Live in Dorset so the coastal hills have been good prep.  Did manage to get a puncture though so not a good start.  Thinking of bringing my own saddle with me for comfort as not sure what the hired bike ones will be like. 

Really looking forward to meeting everyone.


Hi all,

Linda and Ray here. Brits living in the USA. Travelling to Thailand before the trip and staying in Vietnam afterwards. Looking forward to a month away from home. Pretty cold and snowy where we are right now, so trying to train on a Spin Cycle a few times a week. But hey, there's a support vehicle, right?! (Ditto Lynn's comments on bringing own saddle)

Have heard that Cambodia visa is available at border crossing, but you'll need 2 passport photos each, or there'll be an extra cost....

Looking forward to meeting everyone. It's our 3rd cycle trip with Exodus and 5th trip with them overall. All prior trips have been excellent and really well organized and led. So, first-timers, fear not! You'll have a blast. Remember, we're all like-minded to be on this trip in the first place.


I'm looking forward to the trip. I've been away with exodus before but never on a cycling trip and not outside Europe - I just hope I can cope with the heat! 

My training has taken some knock backs - the Inverness weather has not been up to much the last few months. I got my bike out last week and realised that not washing your bike after a winter cycle on salty roads, then leaving it in a shed for 2 months is not a good idea. It now has a new chain and a new rear set but I still haven't made it out again yet.

I wish I had time for an extended trip but I'm afraid its just the 2 weeks away for me. I'll be staying in Heathrow on the Friday night so you might spot me in the check in queue Lyn - I'll be the one with the big pink rucksack.


Hi Katy  I'll keep an eye out for you.  Haven't got a bag yet but will let you know the colour when I get one.  Just the two weeks for me too I'm afraid but hoping the two weeks will be well up there on the wow factor.  Travelling to Heathrow Saturday morning so will be the one half asleep and probably at the wrong termius knowing me!!

Look forward to meeting you at some point between Heathrow and Bankok even if it's the bus at Bankok!


Looking forward to meeting all of you.  I'm enjoying sunny Florida with pretty close to perfect weather.  I am out on the bike every day but see no shame in hitching a ride on the sag wagon if necessary.  Part of the experience. 

 We will be at the Royal Benja on March 12.  If you are not in the Heathrow--Bangkok contingent, look us up.  Otherwise, see you at BKK. 

 P.S.  I'm bringing a fender, based on really bad experiences of the past.  If we run into rainy, muddy weather, I'll be the guy without the brown stripe up his back.  But if we get the weather I'm counting on, I'm the guy with the extra piece of plastic in his duffel.


I'm flying out of the UK a day earlier than the group flight so will see you in Bangkok.  I'm also staying at the Royal Benja on 12th March.

I've been on a number of Exodus holidays and this will be my second cycling trip.  I've always found Exodus to be well organised.  I took my own saddle with me on my first cycling trip to India last year and it was no problem getting it fitted to the bike.

 I'd been planning to get some training in before the trip but haven't done as well as I'd hoped due to the weather.   Last years cycle trip was well structured with lots of breaks and food stops so I'm hoping this will be the same!



Hi Roger and Karen

I am booked in Royal Benja on 12th as well so perhaps we can meet up for dinner or a beer or both


Sounds good.  Tom and I will be there.  Probably Peter, too.  I hope Karen and anyone else in the neighborhood can make it.  How about 6 p.m. in the hotel bar?  Or name another time.

Hi guys - sorry to gate crash...I am not on your trip but the one after (leaving on the 26th)...(sooooo excited! Wish I was going sooner ;)

I Have a request.. if  any one of you get the chance AT ALL - I would love to know if a fender is usefull or not. I am torn on bringing one -  as my (and your) trip is in the dry period I am wondering if it makes sense. So I would love to know your experience and I can adjust my packing accordingly :)

Have a blast you guys - I will follow in your tracks hehe :)




Yes I'd like to meet up on the Saturday evening.  6pm is fine with me as my flight should be arriving at lunch time.  Although don't wait around for me just in case of delayed flight or me falling asleep ;-)


See folks there. And everyone else Sunday 13th. Linda and Ray

Hi Katy

Bag bought.  It's blue. Change of plan now staying overnight Friday so will hopefully be more awake and at right terminal!!  Will look out for your pink rucksack in check out queue.  Can't believe it's only 10 days away!


Hi everyone, I've just returned (yesterday) from this trip and you are all in for a treat! I went on my own and we had a good mixed group, male and female, 2 from USA, 1 from Aus, 1 French girl and the rest from Eng, Scotland and Ireland, We also had a couple of characters which always helps.

The cycling is easy, no hills, regular stops and you can go as fast as you like or even go in the bus. It was hot but cycling creates its own warm breeze which was great. The bikes are good, can take your own saddle etc. but I didnt bother and had no problems. ( I have done quite a bit of cycling though). Fenders (mudguards) not really necessary as it only rained once.

Highlights. The People, kids rushing to say hello and do high 5's at the side of the road, the people on the trip who really gelled and Joe and his team who worked hard. The Food, be adventurous, I tried it all and even the deep fried spiders were OK. The sights, Angkor Wat of course but also the countryside and cities of contrast. Everything was really cheap a couple of beers and dinner £10ish, more expensive in Saigon but out of the cities, really cheap.

Communication, good, Internet and Wifi in most places, but no Facebook in Vietnam. I even watched the England v France Rugby International in Siem Reap!! 

I donated (at great expense!!) a trophy for cyclist/personality of the day, remind Joe he has to start the presentations and have a great trip.

Bob Heaps


thanks for review bob. bet you wish you were doing it all again with this new crowd too!

ray and linda here. due back to BKK from chiang mai at 4.30pm on the 12th, so if we are late for beer in bar, don't wait around for us. cheers!

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