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Anyone here going on this trip?

Hi - anyone going to Cuba on this trip? This is the first time I've done this sort of travel so a bit nervous but looking forward to it!



I'm also going on the cuba trip and am going on my own. I have been on a few exodus trips before and have absolutely loved them so am very excited! Everyone I spoken to who has been to cuba has had only good things to say about it. Am currently trying to learn some salsa so i can hit the dance floors out there! Can't wait!!!


We are on this trip too and really looking forward to it..

 ClareM - No need to be nervous, Exodus are a good company and I'm sure everything will go very smoothly - Plus Cuba is a pretty safe destination so no need for qualms on that side.

nickibell - I'm glad you're getting into the salsa, I'm afraid I'll be the one on the side just watching!

 Dave and Mary Parsons


Hello.  Looking forward to the trip on sunday.  Just have to get  sorted/packed and to Gatwick! Anyone travelling from the Midlands?   Look forward to meeting you all and a new adventure. 

Clare, trip will be great.  No worries.    



Hello again.   Just a quick thought.  If anyone wanted contact before sunday, for ME, a much quicker and easier way would be to use my e mail!  [email protected].

Hello I am going to Cuba on 1st November - is this the same trip??  Looking forward to it anyway!  Paula


Hi again - good to hear from you all AND the reassurances much appreciated! Looking forward to meeting everyone and having a great time. I'll probably travel down on the train from Scotland the day before and stay at an airport hotel so if anyone is doing the same let me know!

Debs and Sunny it sounds like you are going before the rest of us this weekend (?) so have fun. Can't wait to follow in your footsteps.....


Hi  everyone got the last place registerd for the trip as a last minute, travelled with exodus a few times realy great fun


Hi Clare,   yes, just re-read your E.   You`re not going this sunday are you!!!!   Not sure who else is!!!   Will reply when I get back then, 16th Nov,  with any hints/tips for you.    Deb   


Was just about to reply to debs to say i'm from the midlands and will probably be driving down to gatwick and then noticed shes not acutally on this trip. But if anyone else reads this from the leicestershire/northamptonshire area then please let me know. Only 4 weeks to go!!

Hi - I am also on this tour, Nottingham based, and heading down on Sat 28th Nov, to overnight. Already thinking about it. ClareM i can assure you no problems travelling as a single, have done already. This my 2nd trip to Cuba, first left me wanting to see more.

djcat - If you've been before you count as an old hand - any tips?

Can not think of any really, money's is most thing to think about whilst there. Exchange points are only in the more major towns, whilst visiting, the guide will advice and take those that need it. Certainly think ahead, a little, if need to change. Possibly more sites open than when I visited.

Regarding my time there previously, I am not thinking of packing or taking anything, other than standard items. Nothing that I did not take last time.

We like to use a debit card (Visa) as our main source of cash while abroad.  We don't expect to find cash points easily every night.  Did you find them in most larger towns - Trindad , Santiago, say?

 Or would you recommend we get cash at the airport for the whole trip?


As far as I know, very few cash machines about, most guides advice cash only, some hotels possibly have changing facilities. I was on 7 day tour last time, and only changed money in Cienfuegas ( I think) - the guide took us. One of the problems is that anything with a US title, and I believe taht this includes the likes of VISA and MASTERCARD, are not overly favoured.

Not sure regarding the change facilities at the airport. as to use of cards. Hopefully in 3 years things might have improved a bit. Exodus trip notes tell you some details regarding the use of cards / ATM also.

Hope of some use.


Hi - quick message to see as a rough guide how much people are thinking of taking as a minimum. And I take it the guide notes mean actual cash, not Euro/Sterling travellers cheques?


Hi all!  I have just returned from this trip.  I hardly saw any cashpoint machines although I wasn't really looking for them.  I changed up £400 at Havana Airport and then another £150 at the hotel in Santiago.  I came back with £90 too which I changed back at Havana.  There are also Cadecas at various hotels.  Food (lunch and evening meals) are roughly 12-15 pesos (around £8-£10) and very nice too!  Cocktails are 3 pesos (cheaper in Barracoa) around £2.25 so not bad at all!  Hope this helps.  Sunny


Hi Sunny, thanks for message, has definitely given me a better idea. Hope you had a great time. Looking forward to following in your footsteps! So Sterling was ok to change then, no need to get Euros?


Hi Clare, sterling will be fine.  You will have a fab time.  It is a full-on trip but well worth it.   Also most of the hotels have little shops where you can buy snacks and drinks so no need to pack loads from UK.  You will eat well out there anyway. 


Hi all, been reading your posts but still not quite sure whether to take half cash to change and half travellers cheques- or just cash - seems a bit risky taking £500 odd quid in cash?

Am very excited - not long to go now!


Hi everyone. I've also been lurking in the background. I've been told that cash is best-English notes, not Scottish. Travellers cheques mustn't be American related eg Amex. Not sure about cash cards-someone said that if they have Visa or Access on them, they might not work. So like you, Dianna, I'm not ecstatic about carrying loads of cash around but don't see any alternative.

Does anyone know if there's still a loo roll shortage? Will bring some, just in case!

Hi all Pound sterling or euros (if you have got any) all OK, ref Travellers Cheques , guide book I have says TC's Ok as long as it is not American Express, or any issued in USA. So Sterling possibly OK, in the large towns. Mostly OK to change at tourist hotels. Also noted in book, for TC's bring original purchase recceipt with you particularly for use at Cadecas (Currency Exchange). The Guide should point us in the right direction when we need to change money in the various places, certainly did last time.I travelled approx 3yrs ago, so hopefully may be a bit easier now.Hope above is of some use.P. S. Is any one heading down on Saturday, to stop local near Gatwick.


Hi again - DJCat - I'm heading down from Scotland on Saturday, staying overnight at the Courtyard by Marriott, it's an on-airport one I think. Not sure of arrival time, guess it will depend on the trains!

Hi ClareM

Stopping down road at Travelodge, ETA Gatwick approx 1700hrs subject to getting right connections


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