Anyone on the Highlights of Morocco tour - dep 22nd Dec?

I've just had confirmation of my booking - departing 22nd December for the Highlights of Morocco trip.  I'm really excited and a bit nervous too as this will be my first time abroad in quite a few years and my first as a solo traveller - nothing like diving in head first! 

If anyone else is on this trip it'd be great to hear from you!



Hey, I've booked on the same tour on 22/12. I'm a solo traveller as well. Really looking forward to it.....should be fun. Reviews seem really good!


Hi Charlie26!  It's great to hear from you!  Pleased to hear I'm not the only solo traveller too. Have you travelled much before?  Any trips with Exodus?  

I am really looking forward to this trip - there seems to be a good mix of things to experience and a lot of Morocco to see and yes, like you, I was impressed with the previous reviews too.  It's also a bonus to be away over Christmas and the New Year and do something a bit more exciting! Looking forward to meeting you and the group and hopefully having an excellent adventure.

Stay in touch :)


I've just booked the 22 December trip. I'm a solo traveller too.

The itinerary sounds great. Will definitely be a different Christmas and New Year.

I'm going on an India trip with Exodus in November so its going to be a busy few months.



Hi guys, I am a woman aged 52 and also coming alone. I have travelled a lot in my life but am fairly new to this group thing. Never been to Morocco and massively excited! Looking forward to meeting you all, Carey


Hi guys, I just booked on this tour and am super excited to escape the winter weather and go somewhere totally new! The rerviews were great so fingers crossed. I'm a solo traveller too. Looking forward to it and to meeting you all. Pip


Hi Dave, Carey, and Pip!  Great to hear from you all and looking forward to meeting and travelling with you all! Stay in touch  :)  Zoe

I am also on this trip and am a solo traveller. I have been to Morocco before and it is a fascinating country. Look forward to meeting everyone.  Ed




I did this trip a few years ago at the same time and just a bit of advise.  It is cold at night in both the desert and the High Atlas, especially the desert.  I had a 3 season sleeping and got cold.

Otherwise is was great to watch both sunrise and sunset in the desert.  I managed to do this New Year's eve and New Year's day.

Have Fun. Rob


Thanks for the advice. I did wonder whether you could get away with a 3 season but will have to have a rethink.

Did any of the group take stuff for the community project.

Not long now..getting excited.



You might get away with a 3-season, but you should think about some extra layers.  Maybe a liner and more layers than you might expect.  It's hot during the day, but very cold at night.  Thermals maybe a good idea. Quite small and easy to carry around the rest of the trip.

I don't think anybody took anything.  We did visit the school.  You might want to ask Exodus for advice on things to take if anything.  They are normally very helpful and have people around who know the area.



Hi there,

I'm going to Morocco too on 22nd December, I'm also a solo traveller.  Heard so much about the country and finally it is time to experience myself, can't wait ;-). 

Orginally, I thought 2/3 season sleeping bag will be suficient in Morocco and now I have rethink again, thanks to Rob for his variable tips.  I love to see those camels again since my last trip to Egypt.  



Hey all,

 I'm getting really exciting now for our travels. Can't believe we've only got about three weeks to go.

 Just out of interest has anyone been advised by their GP to have the rabies jab?

 Looking forward to meeting you all.........Charlotte


HI Charlotte

Im in india at the mo with exodus on part one of my mad holiday month. The trip is amazing. I asked my gp about the rabies jab as the stray dog problem here is really bad. Its optional but you need to start the course at least 28 days before the holiday and even then if you are bitten you will still need further injections just not as many.

Looking forward to the morocco trip and meeting everyone. 

 Also looking forward to a bacon buttie...they even have curry for breakfast here








Ok so you might beat us at cricket but we are travelling 20 hours to join you in exotic morocco and Spain.

great to hear there are many solo travellers - great dinner conversatiosn on trips everyone has done.

Til Malaga.  


Hi All,

The trip date is getting close now!  Is anyone else struggling with the sleeping bag? - I went for a 3/4 season in the end but having a trial run of packing it in my suitcase (yes, no using the Exodus kitbag here!) today and it's a devil to pack.  Anyone else struggling?

Also, I'm a bit unsure of which clothes to pack... will it be hot/cold? Any other ladies got any advice?

Ta muchly!  :) 



Yes the sleeping bag. I've gone for a lightweight one so it will fit in my rucksack. Ive decided if i try and take it out of the bag it came in it will never go back so i just hope there is one in there!! I looked at the ktbag and decided it wasnt a lot of use.

I think the key with this holiday is layers..It will probably be high teens at sea level but very cold in the mountains. A lot of people on the India trip ive just been on had a lot of the quick dry clothing you get in places like Mountain Warehouse etc. Very lightweight.  Be really ruthless about what you take as you really are living out of the suitcase for two weeks. It helps if your suitcase has some way of dividing the clean clothes from the dirty clothes.

Oh and hand gel. Make sure you bring loads. I used two bottles in two weeks but i had no issues at all with tummy bugs.

Hope this helps

See you soon. Dave 


Hi, I thought I would use the exodus bag, probably because I don't have a better one. But my sleeping bag (4 season) takes up about half of it! I would also like to bring my coffee pot & lavazza for the camping. Priorities! Any other coffee drinkers there? Yes layers is the way to go. I have excellent thermals – or base layer as it's called today! – but avoiding a bulky coat/jacket. Meet soon, Carey

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